• Eradiated Physiology: Since bathing in the radiations of the meteor the Constant and his 4 siblings cannot die by any means.[1]
    • Immortality: The Constant will never age past the day his skin touched the meteor.[1]
    • Invulnerability: Although he can be hurt the Constant can never die by any external means.[1]
    • Power Distribution: The Constant can gift pieces of his immortality to others but not his invulnerability, meaning that those he gifts with eternal life can still die by external means.[1]


  • Historiography: The Constant has lived through the entire history of all of mankind. This means he has a rich understanding of humanities general history due to him experiencing much of it.[1]
  • Leadership: The Constant has effectively lead the House of Knowledge for millennia.[2]


  • Vulnerability to His Blood: Although the Constant cannot be harmed he does have a weakness to his own blood. If harmed by someone with a weapon drenched in his blood or in the blood of those he gifted immortality the damage is permanent, meaning he can be killed by someone with a weapon of this kind.[1]



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