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Constantine Drakon is one of the best martial artists in the world and assassin for hire, as well as long time foe of Green Arrow.

As a child growing up in Greece he was teased by other children due to his height. Once he started killing people at the age of ten, however, he found he was no longer sensitive about his stature. He claimed that he had nothing strange or traumatic in his upbringing to turn him to murder, he was simply curious to see what he could do. Discovering that he was a prodigy at killing, Constantine proceeded to make a living out of it. He considered what he did not just a job but a vocation, and took pride in the professional manner in which he operated.[1]

Coming to Star City

When the immigrant workers of the corrupt "Elevast" construction company developing in Star City began mutating into troll-like beasts because of illegal Beta-Vaccine testing, the company hired Drakon. His job was to eliminate the monsters and cover up the link between them and the corporation. Green Arrow's investigations into the monsters put him in direct confrontation with the assassin. In their first encounter Drakon soundly defeated Green Arrow, and crucified him with his own arrows. He chose not to kill the archer because he wasn't being paid enough to kill superheroes yet.[2]

Drakon's next victim was attorney Joanna Pierce, niece of superhero Black Lightning, shortly after she had discovered evidence of the illegal vaccine. Joanna had been involved with Oliver Queen, and although they had broken up almost immediately after starting a relationship, her death would greatly disturb him for some time to come.[3]

Drakon would subsequently invade the Green Arrow household looking for copies of Joanna's evidence and face Connor Hawke, Ollie's son in battle. Connor was losing the battle badly when Speedy (Mia Dearden) arrived to help. Drakon grabbed Mia from behind as a human shield while Connor focused his bow on them. Drakon was defeated only after Connor actually shot him through Mia's shoulder, and then blew up the house with Drakon in it.

Drakon did not appear again until he was hired by Brick as part of a revenge scheme against Green Arrow. Drakon attacked Roy Harper, scarring his throat and taking him prisoner.[4] Mia and Connor again squared off against Drakon, who again outclassed them in martial arts skill. But the two heroes outwitted him for a second time, luring him into a trap set by Shift of the Outsiders.[5]

One Year Later

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When Deathstroke the Terminator was caught by Green Arrow, and went to prison and met with Drakon. The two of them broke out of prison and confronted the Arrow Family. Despite being outnumbered four to one, Deathstroke noted that Team Arrow "should have brought more guys." The two of them were defeated and forced to escape when the Justice League arrived to rescue Team Arrow.[6]


  • Martial Arts: An extraordinary martial artist with incredible physical attributes. Has bested Connor Hawke, one of the DC Universe's top martial artists multiple times. He has also shown spectacular speed in all of his appearances, catching multiple arrows fired at him on several occasions.
  • Marksmanship: He has shown himself to be exceptionally skilled with firearms, and willing to use them.
  • Throwing: He has shown himself throwing a knife into a man's shoulder so quickly, a room full of people focused on him did not see him perform the motion.



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