"Bits and Pieces": John Constantine is being torn apart as a result of two conflicting spells hitting him at exactly the same time. While Der Chirurg had been trying to disassemble and reconfigure John's mind, [[Tannarak (Pr

Quote1.png I don't know who you think you are, son... But you're violating the sanctum of Doctor Occult! Quote2.png
Doctor Occult

Constantine #17 is an issue of the series Constantine (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2014. It was published on August 13, 2014.

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Synopsis for "Bits and Pieces"

John Constantine is being torn apart as a result of two conflicting spells hitting him at exactly the same time. While Der Chirurg had been trying to disassemble and reconfigure John's mind, Tannarak used the kill-switch spell he was given to put an end to the threat John poses to the Cult of the Cold Flame. Despite the pain and horror of being torn apart, John emerges on a beach; whole again. Rising to his feet, John knows that it is time for war with the Cold Flame.

However, when he wanders from the beach to the nearby jungle, he realizes that the kill-switch spell that Papa Midnite gave Tannarak was a scam. It was a temporal displacement spell, and it's gone wrong. It was only supposed to put him outside the Temple of the Cold Flame just two weeks from the moment it's cast. Instead, it has dropped him in Tanzania in 1914. With him thought dead, Tannarak and Sargon will celebrate his demise, Julia Everheart will then report for duty to them as a ruse to unleash Spellbinder from her unconscious and kill the pair will kill the rest of the cult. Julia, of course, is not strong enough to take on Sargon alone, which is why John slept with her, using that moment of vulnerability to plant a spell that would make any kill-spell Sargon cast against Julia backfire on her.

Soon, John is noticed by the German soldiers fighting to keep control of what would then have been German East Africa. He is quickly surrounded, requiring him to take a hostage. From within the Moonblade, Mister E suggests John let him free so that he can help them out of the mess. However, the soldiers are cut down suddenly by British fighter planes, sparing John that trouble.

John surmises that Sargon would survive the backfired spell, but she'd be weakened by it. John is supposed to step out of the shadows and finish her off, but without him in the right time, he can't do anything, and Julia will die. Grinning within the blade, Mister E warns that if John doesn't release him, he won't have enough magic to get back and save her. Spellbinder will be overwhelmed. That, or he will make them think they overwhelmed him, and take control of them for himself, landing the most powerful magicians abilties to a sadist manipulator.

Finally, John realizes where he is. He is familiar with Dar Es Salaam. He had heard about it some time ago. He recognizes some of the buildings, even. Hurriedly, he dodges gunfire and crashes through the door of what turns out to be the sanctum of Doctor Occult. The doctor is not pleased to be interrupted, but John warns him that they have known each other half his life, though it may not seem it. He comments snidely that the ritual Occult is working on - one to prevent further war like this one - won't work, noble though it may be. Of the seven magicians that Occult had help him with this ritual, Anton Arcane is already betraying him, and poisoning the spell. Occult will hear nothing of it, and angrily uses the Orb of the Seven to send him back to where he came from - which fortunately, is all John came to him for. However, Occult's spell will likely just send him back to Liverpool at the time of his birth, requiring some magical adjustment - but the spell could destroy him. As John is sent screaming through the magical portal opened before him, he accidentally drops the Moonblade with Mister E inside at Occult's feet.

Meanwhile, Sargon and Tannarak have successfully killed both Spellbinder and Julia when they feel the change in the structure of reality. Tannarak is sure that this is the work of John Constantine, but where John has gone is a mystery to him.

John, on the other hand, is disturbed to realize that he has come out surrounded by Parademons.


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