"Half a Chance": It's John Constantine's birthday, and he's having a drink with his friends, while the world outside seems to have fallen to the alien invasion by Apokolips.

Quote1 There are two of me in this place. Quote2
John Constantine

Constantine #18 is an issue of the series Constantine (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2014. It was published on October 8, 2014.

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Synopsis for "Half a Chance"

It's John Constantine's birthday, and he's having a drink with his friends, while the world outside seems to have fallen to the alien invasion by Apokolips.

Elsewhere, another John Constantine has only just arrived to be surrounded by Parademons after making an escape from Dar es Salaam. Looking back over his shoulder, he can see London, but its skyline looks wrong. The sense that he's not where he's meant to be disorients him, and he is unable to stop one of the creatures from breaking his arm. Suddenly the Parademons combust in magical energy, wielded by an apparent wizard, who seems just as intent on killing John as the Parademons were - only more skillful.

His attacker introduces himself as Wotan, who addresses John as Worldwalker, to his confusion. Wotan explains that, unwittingly, John has crossed the border between universes to Earth 2. Surely, John couldn't have engineered that himself, though. Even so, Wotan hopes to use John's body and magic to break out of this universe and into another. Grumpily, John responds that Wotan talks too much. He warns that he did cast the spell that got him here, and he deserves respect. They can both cross back to his universe without him dying for it.

In the bar, John collapses and his friends worriedly try to make him comfortable while he seizes.

To Wotan, John proposes that he use the Walls of the Soul's Home spell to shunt his living heart into a pocket universe while Wotan uses his body to open the gate, allowing John to regenerate his body around his heart once the gate is closed. The price for such magic would be astronomical. John comments that he's done it before - but it's a price that Wotan won't have to worry about. Once on John's Earth, Wotan would be unstoppable.

John knows that Wotan is proud, and hopes to use that to his advantage, putting his trust in his gut feeling that something is different about this place. As Wotan opens the gate within his body, John's memories of all of those who have died for him begin to flood back. The mischievous spell he cast takes advantage of a particular fact: there are two of him on this world. By using John as a gate, Wotan has opened two gates to two different places at once. The result is that Wotan is torn in half by the gate, as one half spews from John's body there, and the other out of his double's body in the bar.

Though John is spared death, once again, he knows he will have to find his double before someone else does. There is no way he can get back to his home-Earth without his double. Otherwise, he will face the same gruesome fate as Wotan did.


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