"Meaningful Gestures": John Constantine thought he was in some kind of false alternate reality, but he has since learned that this is a very real place - but it is not his world, and this is not his life. This world's [[John Constantine (Ear

Quote1 First, you never get anything for nothing. Every spell you cast. Every little cheat... It costs you. I don't know how we'll pay for the wards that mask our shelter here. Or the sigil that will send us across to my universe... but I promise you we will. We'll lose something, yeah? And it will be something we'll miss. Quote2
John Constantine

Constantine #20 is an issue of the series Constantine (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 10, 2014.

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Synopsis for "Meaningful Gestures"

John Constantine thought he was in some kind of false alternate reality, but he has since learned that this is a very real place - but it is not his world, and this is not his life. This world's John Constantine still has all of his friends, his parents, a wife. And now John has to save him from death if he hopes to get back to his home.

An hour earlier, John had been surprised to find the other John and his family in the same house he'd grown up in on his world. Not sure how to react, John's double leaps at him, wrapping his hands around his throat, and in that instant, the two Johns can see how each others' lives unfolded, and know each other. John realized that he was the one who is out of place. Fortunately, someone pulled them apart, and the other John explained to his family how he had seen the truth that his doppelganger had come from another world - and he can get them all safely to that place, and away from the horror of this one. John claims that he can fulfill that hope, just as a madman leaps through the front window.

Fortunately, the family subdued him, but they had to run for their lives as the world ended around them. John exclaimed that they needed to get somewhere safe - and away from other people. As he led them away, he mused that he might've been able to save them all - but only if the other John's soul was in sync with his. That meant he needed time.

As far as they had got, though, they are eventually caught up to, and in order to save his double's life, John has to take a gas canister to the gut. Again, the family saves him, and drag him away to an abandoned factory for shelter. He is treated there for his injury by Maureen - who he recalls had wanted to be a nurse before things went wrong in his life. Sighing and recollecting himself, John explains that he knows something about what's happening to this world. It is under attack by the extradimensional world of Apokolips, ruled by the dark god Darkseid. And because Darkseid is not a machine, they have the advantage that he is capable of being tricked.

In order to help them remain unseen, he teaches everyone sigils of masking, which they draw on the floors and walls of the factory in chalk. As he watches them, he senses their trust in him, and it fills him with guilt. All the same, he pushes on. Within hours, every flat surface in the place is covered with the sigils. With that done, he explains how magic works: something cannot come from nothing. Magic has a cost. Getting over to his universe will cost them things they will miss - and there's no getting around that. Furthermore, Magic is bound to attract the attention of other magicians. In that moment, exactly that comes to pass, as Doctor Fate appears with the promise to help.


  • Doctor Fate and John Constantine met for the first time.


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