"One Last Trick": In the Liverpool of Earth 2, John Constantine is under attack by the family and friends of his doppelganger, whom he killed in order to fuel the magic spell that would get them into his universe. John must admit to himself that while o

Quote1.png He destroyed one universe and he'll have this one too, unless you can con him, unless you can pull one over on a god. Don't think. Don't listen to them screaming. Take the power from the horrible sacrifice and use it to fuel... One. Last. Trick. Quote2.png
John Constantine (Prime Earth)

Constantine #22 is an issue of the series Constantine (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2015. It was published on February 11, 2015.

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Synopsis for "One Last Trick"

In the Liverpool of Earth 2, John Constantine is under attack by the family and friends of his doppelganger, whom he killed in order to fuel the magic spell that would get them into his universe. John must admit to himself that while one of them had needed to die, it could have been him. It should have been him, but he allowed his jealousy to get the better of him. He wanted this family for himself.

The magic sigils fire up, and John senses Doctor Fate, who warns that John will never succeed in sustaining the spell without his help. Even as they are transported between worlds, the other John's family still attacks him, making no secret of their hatred for what he's done to them. Angrily, he knocks them to the ground and warns them to stay down while he's rescuing them. They are not concerned with being rescued though, since they lost their John. His mother goes so far as to call him a devil who took her son away from her. Grimly, points out that if he's the devil, there's worse news to come.

He gestures outside of their sphere of protection to what he explains are the gates of Heaven. The heavens are under attack even here by Parademons, and as such, Heaven is closing its gates on Earth 2, withdrawing. As a result, thousands of souls will not meet their reward - they'll be consumed by the enemy. John warns that by comparison, he is an amateur.

Soon, Doctor Fate catches up with them and tethers them in The Bleed, warning that he will not let them go to the safety of John's world if John does not concede to him. John manages to rip the tethers from their sphere, but fails to remove the one caught on his other self's mother. Before he can get to her, Fate pulls her into the Bleed, and she is lost. Her husband is inconsolable, and curses John, prompting John to remind that whatever ill he has caused them, he can see their lives saved. He promises to come back for her if he can find a way.

Suddenly, John's spell yanks them all into the realm of The Green, where even the Parliament of Trees is under attack by Parademons. John warns that they are not welcome in this place, and that they should be careful not to get caught by any of the writhing vines beneath them. Fortunately, they are soon mmoving on to The Rot, where even the creatures of that place are facing attack by Apokolips. Seeing that they're moving on, John's father realizes that they can't go back for his wife, and turns his gun on John. Coldly, John responds that if he dies, everyone among them dies, and if he is so eager to die, he can simply leave the protection of his spell. Tearfully, the old man walks to the edge and prepares to step into the void. John grabs him by the collar, promising again that he will find a way to save her. Liar he may be, but not this time. Unexpectedly, John doubles over with pain as he senses that a god is watching them, and his spell to keep them invisible has failed. Darkseid knows where they are.

Worriedly, John attempts to accelerate his spell as they enter The Red, and soon they speed through it, straight to the place where the blue flame that births the souls of this universe burns. Unfortunately, the Parademons are draining it. Darkseid speaks to him again, warning that he knows John's name, but soon, a crashing boom signals their arrival on the other side of the barrier, at his Earth. However, Darkseid is powerful, and he can follow them. In saving these people, he has led Darkseid straight to another world he can destroy. Worriedly, John cuts loose several survivors he had saved, so that they fall into Darkseid's grasp, reaching out through the Bleed. He hopes that their sacrifice will give him the power he needs to con a God. All it will take is one last trick.


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