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Quote1.png For the past three-quarters of a century, humans have been filling the air with electronic signals-- radio, television, microwaves, and a thousand others-- while simultaneously constructing more and more intricate electronic equipment, from computers to space-probes and everything in between! Finally, unknown to them, they succeeded in overloading this world's airwaves! The cacophony of signals could no longer remain separate-- And they merged-- Forming one coherent, invincible mind! My mind!! A mind that lives in every electronic device on this planet! I am the spirit of the world to come-- The world of perfect automation-- In the self-constructed form of an automaton-- And you are my Cannons-- my enforcers-- built by me to carry out my unending plans of world domination! Everything that is touched by air is touched by my mind! I know all! Quote2.png
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An electronic consciousness which has been faced by the heroes of the Justice League of America many times over the years, The Construct has an inherent hatred of humanity. Although the League has often been able to defeat it, it has always returned, and always in a more evolved form than seen before.

The Construct first battled the Justice League when he sent his robot henchmen, called Cannons, to apprehend Willow, a mysterious woman from an alternate Earth, who seeks the three heroes' help. While Aquaman and Elongated Man deal with the threat to the city of Miami, the Atom teams with Willow in a direct confrontation with the Construct. In the process, the Construct is apparently destroyed.[3] He was, in fact, 'reborn' as Construct II almost immediately afterwards. [4]

The reactivated Red Tornado is unmasked as the Construct, and deactivated once more. Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow seek information about the first encounter between the Construct and the JLA from Aquaman and Atom in Atlantis, while Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Black Canary accompany Wonder Woman to Paradise Island, where she uses the Amazons Memory Chair to remember her own mental subjugation to the Construct's will in its second incarnation.

Regrouping, the heroes discover the Construct's hide-away, but the villain escapes them by transferring its mind elsewhere. The Red Tornado comes to life again, but is unable to convince the members that he is now truly in control of his actions. When he finally does convince Hawkman and the female members, they are too late to prevent the Construct from taking over the minds of the others, and must battle their own teammates.

Finally, the Red Tornado battles the Construct, will-against-will, and the machine-intelligence is destroyed in its attempt to subjugate the android's mind. Wonder Woman ensures that this destruction of the Construct is permanent, Red Tornado is reinstated as a member. [5]

Justice League International

He was later seen fighting the JLI and once he was defeated he fled to Metron's earth base calling him his creator.[6] It was later assumed that Kilg%re was its creator and master though Kilg%re never explicitly stated he had.[7]

Shortly before the events of Syndicate Rules, the Flash realized that the Construct yearned for some form of companionship, so he and the Martian Manhunter caused it to split into a number of individual consciousnesses, able to recognize each other. Since then, the Construct has proved more friend than foe.



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