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"Convergence: Action Comics": Though the dome came down some time ago, Metropolis is in a state of relative peace, and the married Lois Lane and Superman are looked up to by many. Even without his powers, Superman is still the hero of Metro

Quote1 Powers or no powers -- you're always going to be Superman. The dome can't take that away from you. Quote2
Lois Lane (Earth-Two)

Convergence: Action Comics #1 is an issue of the series Convergence: Action Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 29, 2015.

Synopsis for "Convergence: Action Comics"

Though the dome came down some time ago, Metropolis is in a state of relative peace, and the married Lois Lane and Superman are looked up to by many. Even without his powers, Superman is still the hero of Metropolis, and Lois is sure no one can take that away from him - not even this dome. Still, he feels a bit guilty that he can't do anything to get through the dome, and free the city. He and his cousin Kara have been robbed of their identities in being robbed of their powers, and neither is feeling especially heroic as a result.

Meanwhile, in the Moscow of another world, Stalin is concerned that his people are losing faith in the indestructability of his regime, now that the dome has robbed Superman of his power as well. Lex Luthor is taking advantage of this loss, though, reminding that his superpower - a highly developed intellect - is not diminished. What is clear, he says, is that they have been put in the equivalent of a zoo, curated by an extremely evolved alien. Wonder Woman supposes that if the alien's intent was preservation, they must prepare for the possibility that every other city on their earth has been destroyed. Lex believes that there will be an opportunity to prove their worth, at some point. A challenge.

Elsewhere, Kara returns to her boyfriend Andrew's, complaining that he's making pasta again, and reminding that she hasn't got the Kryptonian metabolism anymore to protect her from gaining weight on all those carbs. Taking a shower after her gym workout, Kara becomes further disappointed with how her body is becoming more and more worn by being reduced to a human physiology. More than anything, she'd like things to go back to how they were, though she wouldn't like to tell Andrew so.

In Moscow, Lex and his wife Lois are walking by the Kremlin and she shouts at him again for becoming too involved in his work. He apologises, admitting that he's thinking very far ahead in the scheme of things, but despite that, he still doesn't know how to bring down the dome. He has, though, determined that it's not a dome, but a sphere. He hasn't yet given up on his allegiance to the United States, even after a year, and wonders if Russia is hiding secrets in the hidden half of that sphere. Despite the fact that he is a secret CIA agent, Lex has used his intellect to help the Russians perfect an invisible jet.

Grimly, Superman interrupts Lex's conversation with Lois to remind that he is sure Lex intended to steal the technology. He warns Lex to stop antagonizing Stalin. Lex warns that Stalin should be more concerned about the machinations of his own son Pyotr. Even so, Superman informs him that Stalin will not tolerate any further disrespect, and he will not be able to intervene on his behalf.

Back in Metropolis, Lois becomes frustrated that, once again, Kal and Kara are still focussed on talking about the dome, and storms off. Kal agrees to take her home, but Andrew is concerned. Moments after Kal and Lois are gone, Kara and Andrew are startled by a voice coming from beyond the dome. It warns that the dome will soon fall, and champions will be chosen from each of the cities on the planet Telos to fight for their city's survival. In Moscow, Wonder Woman has heard the same message.

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  • Ultra-Humanite is in the body of the albino gorilla.
  • Baby-Boom, Nuklon and Silver Scarab wears their original costumes.

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