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"Convergence: Crime Syndicate, Part 1": The so-called Crime Syndicate has got a bad rap, and they don't appreciate it. While they certainly are criminals, they had never intended to hurt anybody. Still, the death of Bruno Mannheim is on their hands, and they

Quote1.png With all of the powers in our hands, WE chose the easy way out. Those "do-gooders" were heroes on their world...and we were the cowards of ours. We were the backward ones. Quote2.png

Convergence: Crime Syndicate #1 is an issue of the series Convergence: Crime Syndicate (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 29, 2015.

Synopsis for "Convergence: Crime Syndicate, Part 1"

The so-called Crime Syndicate has got a bad rap, and they don't appreciate it. While they certainly are criminals, they had never intended to hurt anybody. Still, the death of Bruno Mannheim is on their hands, and they think on it as a regrettable accident. When the dome came down, it claimed lives, and Mannheim's was one. Still, Super-Woman has been in prison for his death for nearly a year.

She thinks back on what could have been, and knows she has to look no further than the Wonder Woman of Earth-One, which she had visited with the others. The heroes of that world had chosen to become heroes. They were brave do-gooders, and the Syndicate were cowards. That was the difference between them.

Anticipating the execution of Super-Woman, her former companions don their costumes - despite the absence of their powers - and attempt to break into the prison to rescue her.

Meanwhile, in another city of another world, Batman angrily learns of Owlwoman's death, and forces Superman to be the one to put her photo up on the wall of lost companions, as it was he who sent her on the failed mission. Superman reminds that the mission was important to try. The Luthorians have taken over the infrastructure of the entire city, and the Justice Legion is running out of places to hide out. Grimly, Batman calls for a vote, demanding to know how many more must die before they take real proactive measures. Superman reminds that they are not killers, but his words are cut short by an explosion. Unfortunately, The Atom is killed in the blast, and the Luthorian Elite Guard is coming. Worriedly, Superman looks around and sees that Batman is missing.

Knowing that she's taking her final walk as they speak, the Syndicate members hurry to death row, but are stopped mid-way by the Rogue Hunters. Rather than be taken alive, the men open gunfire, and charge ahead. Unfortunately, the distraction is just enough to rob them of their chance to save Super-Woman, and the switch on the electric chair is thrown.

Back in the other Metropolis, Batman evades a group of Luthorians, knowing that Lincoln Luthor can't be far behind - which means Batman will finally have an opportunity to see him dead. On his way toward Lincoln, Superman grabs him, trying to stop him, and they fight.

As the Syndicate members are shackled and led away by the Rogue Hunters, they are startled by a voice from beyond the dome. It warns that the dome will soon fall, and champions from all of the cities across the planet Telos will have to rise and fight for the survival of their people and their home. As the Dome falls, the Syndicate's powers return, and they turn on their captors, wishing to ensure they pay for killing Super-Woman. Before they can, however, they are mysteriously transported away.

Despite being given the power to fight the Luthorians again, Batman warns Superman that they might have to wait. The voice from beyond had spoken of a battle, and they likely have little chance of avoiding that fight. As if in answer, they two are transported away.

They all materialize in different parts of 853rd Century Metropolis. Seeing what he is intended to do, Owlman shies away from it, insisting this is not his fight. The opposing Superman, meanwhile, wonders how he's supposed to fight for the survival of one city if it means the death of another. He intends to find a way to avoid a battle altogether, but finds himself taken by surprise in an attack by Ultraman.

Appearing in "Convergence: Crime Syndicate, Part 1"

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  • Luthorians
    • Lincoln Luthor (DC One Million) (Mentioned only)
  • Telos (Voice Only)

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  • Despite the fact that historically, Super-Woman and Earth-Three Lois Lane were separate characters, Super-Woman is referred to as Lois several times in this issue. Most post-crisis versions of Super-Woman have been referred to as such. However, this along with Owlman said to never having powers hints that this may be a different Crime Syndicate of America.
  • Johnny Quick states that Owlman never had powers despite Owlman demonstrating a form of mind control in the Crime Syndicate of America's first battles with the heroes of Earth-One and Earth-Two.[1]

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