"Powers and Responsibilities...!": With the skies turned red over Metropolis, Dick Grayson insists that he and his partner The Huntress drive to the city, rather than fly. An emergency [[Justice Society

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Convergence: Detective Comics #1 is an issue of the series Convergence: Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 29, 2015.

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Synopsis for "Powers and Responsibilities...!"

With the skies turned red over Metropolis, Dick Grayson insists that he and his partner The Huntress drive to the city, rather than fly. An emergency Justice Society of America meeting called them to the city instead of New York, where the team's HQ is, and Huntress wonders why. Just moments after stepping out of the Batmobile, the two look up at the sky to see a dome forming over the city, sealing it off from the rest of the world.

Four months after the dome came down over the Moscow of another reality, that world's Superman continues his periodic tours to reassure the public that there is no need for concern, but he senses them pulling away from him. Efforts to pierce the dome and get his powers back have been fruitless, as yet.

Back in Metropolis, Dick and Helena have set up shop in the city's branch of the Wayne Foundation. A JSA emergency alert calls them to get suited up and ready to go. As Dick puts on his costume, Helena chides him for wearing the hybrid costume representing his deference to both Batman and his role as Robin. He assures her that he will always wear this costume, as he doesn't wish to put on the Bat-mantle, whether Helena thinks it's what her father would want or not.

A further four months later, Superman publicly claims responsibility for the dome, explaining that he did it to protect the city from an impending alien invasion, lying that he constructed similar domes over every major soviet city. He warns that he cannot take down the domes until he believes the threat has passed, and begs the trust of the people. He maintains the illusion of having powers by using a harness attached to a helicopter to appear as though he is flying, and regain the people's trust, for now.

In Metropolis, The Toyman wreaks havoc, annoying the Huntress, who wonders why he can't see that they're in dire enough straits as it is, under the dome these past eight months. Fortunately, they bring him down without too much trouble.

Yet another four months later, Superman knows that he has become more and more alienated from a people who now blame him for their predicament. He is recognized, despite his plain clothes, by a young girl, and soon a crowd has formed around him, begging for help. He feels overwhelmed, until a voice from beyond the dome rings out, startling everyone. It warns that the dome will soon fall, and that champions from each of the domed cities will have to rise up and fight for their home's survival. Only one city will be left standing. Despite the shattering of the illusion he'd sown four months ago, Superman steps around the people in front of him and as the dome falls, he realizes that his powers have returned, and leaps into flight.

After a year under the dome, Helena presses Dick once again to take on the mantle of the Batman, suggesting that it might give him closure. He isn't sure he can make that decision yet, but they too are interrupted by the message from beyond the dome. Hurriedly, the pair get dressed up and into the car. En route, they worry about what it means that they'll be forced into some kind of battle to the death. Suddenly, their car is enveloped by some kind of metallic substance, and they find themselves driving in an unfamiliar place.

To their surprise, they realize that they are now in Russia, and facing an unfamiliar Superman. He warns them to turn off and exit their vehicle, but Helena knows that he must be the champion they are to fight, and regretfully fires the Batmobile's missiles at him. Naturally, he survives, warning that their actions were uncalled for. He had hoped they were subject to the same unwilling coercion he was, but their attack has made him question this. Robin, cooler head that he is, offers his hand in peace, and Superman accepts, turning his attention to the larger problem at hand: how to save both worlds.

Unexpectedly, Helena steps on the gas, and drives away without Dick, prompting Superman to give chase. Dick, meanwhile, is abandoned to the desperate citizens of Moscow, and worriedly tries to get to higher ground. To his horror, he sees Superman grab the Batmobile up from off the ground, and in that moment, Helena activates the self-destruct on the vehicle, causing it to blow up in his hands - with her inside it.


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