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"Good Guys and Bad Guys": One year after the dome closed around Gotham City, Guy Gardner is now an elementary school phys-ed teacher, and he catches some of his students arguing about which one will get to play as Green Lantern in their Justice League games. Tryin

Quote1.png The whole world is ending and you couldn't give me another chance to be a hero. But screw it. I don't need a ring to be an MVP. So hang on to your hats, amigos. Looks like it's finally party time! Quote2.png
Guy Gardner

Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1 is an issue of the series Convergence: Green Lantern Corps (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 22, 2015.

Synopsis for "Good Guys and Bad Guys"

One year after the dome closed around Gotham City, Guy Gardner is now an elementary school phys-ed teacher, and he catches some of his students arguing about which one will get to play as Green Lantern in their Justice League games. Trying to settle their dispute, he suggests that one of the two boys involved play a bad guy instead. When the boy eagerly decides on playing as Sinestro, Guy falls into a panic attack.

Afterwards, Guy pays a visit to Dr. Leslie Thompkins to discuss what happened. His frustrations are largely stemming from and aggravated by the fact that after being abandoned in space in a coma, he woke up to find himself trapped in a bubble, cut off from the rest of the world. None of what exists in the dome was worth coming back for. When he was found in the psych ward, he still had his Green Lantern Ring on, but it had been rendered nothing more than a toy by the dome. Leslie reminds that Guy isn't a hero just because he might do something grand. Real heroes are genuine in word and deed. Grimly, he responds that real heroes like Hal Jordan are not what they're cracked up to be. Hal had got everything he wanted, just handed to him. Guy had had to work for everything he got. And while he knows he and Hal could have been friends, on the one day he filled in for Hal as Green Lantern, a bomb meant for Hal blew up in his face, and he was lost in the Phantom Zone. While he was tortured by Sinestro and General Zod, Hal tried to marry Guy's own fiancée. Leslie suggests that Guy find someone else to talk to - besides her - about his issues. Someone like John Stewart - another Green Lantern, though, one he hasn't met yet.

Troubled, Guy returns home, still bitter about Hal's behaviour while he was comatose - even though Hal has sent him an invite to his wedding with someone else - Carol Ferris. Guy's answering machine gives him further bad news that after missing his shift at the food bank, he's no longer entitled to benefits. Angrily, he smashes one of his hard-earned trophies.

Later, seeking to hash things out with Hal, Guy looks for him at Carol's place in Gotham Towers. At first she tries to blow him off, but then realizes just who he is, and invites him inside to talk to her. She explains that her relationship with Hal lasted a mere six days. Hal had quit the Corps to be with her, but their shift to Gotham to build a new life was ruined by the dome. Everyone else did what they could to try to get them out of the dome, but there was nothing that could be done without their powers. She hoped it would draw them together, but the imprisonment drove them apart. The day after their engagement party, Hal left. She supposes that John Stewart might know where Hal is, and begs Guy to tell Hal, if he finds him, that she misses him.

After getting a location from Carol, Guy visits John at Mosaic Construction on the Gotham City Docks. John isn't interested in talking, but Guy pushes him to it. Once out of earshot, John explains that he never wanted to be a Green Lantern. He had just been filling in for Hal, and then Hal retired, and the dome came down, and he was left unable to do anything. So, instead of using the Green Lantern's power, he used his natural skills as an architect to design irrigation systems like this one for the people of the dome to improve agriculture. Guy becomes frustrated, wanting to know where to find Hal, and nervously, John admits that Hal has been working on a pet project to restore their rings' power.

Guy finds Hal in a garage, and finds the man obsessed. He has been trying to use the principles of SETI to to tap into the dome's energy field and make contact with Oa - but he's had no success as yet. He admits that it's his life's work. Seeing his opportunity, Guy begins smashing Hal's equipment, eager to take revenge on Hal for destroying his life. Hal tries to stop him, but they are both startled when a voice from beyond the dome rings out. The voice warns that the dome will soon come down, and champions from all of the cities implanted onto the planet Telos will have to rise and fight for the survival of their people.

Hal is exstatic when he sees that the Green Lantern Power Battery is glowing again, and prepares to charge up. Guy tries to get recharged too, but Hal punches him out, warning that he and John will handle this alone. Guy had nearly died because of him, and he wouldn't let it happen again. Waking alone in the wreck of Hal's lab, Guy collects what items might be useful to him and decides that he doesn't need a ring to be a hero.

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  • Both the cover of the issue and John Stewart's employer are likely references to the best-selling Green Lantern: Mosaic series.

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