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"Revelations": With the dome down over Gotham City, rioters have begun to plague the police, claiming that there is no civilization left. Fortunately, despite other heroes having lost their abilities, Hawkman and Hawkwoman are still

Quote1 Through all of history, mankind has faced extinction scenarios. Where we felt survival was beyond human scope. And we assume mantles of creatures we know to be survivors. Strong. Capable. It reminds us on that deep level that we were once more than we are that we can be more when the time comes. And we can rise to face that challenge! Quote2

Convergence: Hawkman #1 is an issue of the series Convergence: Hawkman (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 22, 2015.

Synopsis for "Revelations"

With the dome down over Gotham City, rioters have begun to plague the police, claiming that there is no civilization left. Fortunately, despite other heroes having lost their abilities, Hawkman and Hawkwoman are still able to use their gear and training to fight crime. They find, however, that this is no ordinary mob. Their leader has Thanagarian technology, and knowledge of their culture, and he uses it to escape Hawkwoman's grip. She drops him from a near-fatal height as a result, and upon trying to question him, he reveals with his dying words that he may actually be a Thanagarian. He spoke of the Shadow Warriors that the Hawks had fought before the dome went down - these must have been sleeper agents. Katar supposes that maybe the dome entrapping them came from Thanagar.

Later, in his civilian identity as Carter Hall, Katar is chastised by Dr. Gardner of the Gotham Museum, who warns that despite being a welcome addition as a curator, Carter and Shiera's running off in the middle of the day is unprofessional. Shiera, though, is already at the museum, doing a talk on the end of civilization, using mythology as a unifying theme. Her audience becomes impatient when she suggests that costumed heroes draw on centuries of cultural and mythological touchstones. Sensing the audience's frustrations, she pushes ahead, explaining that in times of duress, where survival felt beyond the human scope, humans assume mantles of creatures known to be surivors. She dons her Hawkwoman helmet and wings, revealing that she is the Hawkwoman, as she explains that doing so reminds humans that they were once more than they are, and can be more again, when necessary. Carter explains to Dr. Gardner that this is the truth - that he and Shiera are actually Katar Hol and Shayera Thal of the planet Thanagar, and they intend to help humanity with the powers that they do still have. And they hope to serve as inspiration to humans to survive.

Despite the success of her lecture, Shayera doesn't feel optimistic about Gotham's future. The next morning, she and Katar fly out over the city, and are surprised to see a strange distortion of the light in the dome. Suspecting this was the beacon that the Thanagarian they encountered the previous day had whispered about, they investigate. Sensing that they've been found, the hidden Thanagarians send Manhawks to attack Katar and Shayera, and keep them away. Shayera forms a plan, flying through the smoke and vapour from the roof of a building, obscuring her pursuers' vision. She had once nearly crashed into an overhanging section of a building by flying through that smoke, and this time, the Manhawks fall victim to that same ploy. With one left, Shayera and Katar grab it by its wings and hurl it at the Thanagarian Shadow Warrior hide-out.

Despite the Thanagarians' original intent of conquest over the Earth, they admit that they abandoned it when the dome came down. The dome is not their doing. They created an Absorbascon using the minds of the Shadow Warriors to find a way out of the dome. Lyros, one of the warriors in the Absorbascon, explains that they have seen the future, and beyond the edges of reality to others. And many of those realities will vanish from existence, and there will be nothing anyone can do to stop it. There is a future where all realities compress into one, and no matter how hard opponents are fought, their universe will not survive.

Suddenly, a voice rings out from beyond the dome, warning that the prison walls will soon fall, and champions from each of the cities across the planet Telos's surface will have to fight for the survival of their people. Unfortunately, Shayera and Katar now know that no matter what they do to fight, their home is doomed.

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