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"Opposing Truths": A full year since the day the dome separated Gotham City from the rest of the world, Donna Troy records yet another message for her husband Terry, hoping that the records she keeps will help prevent an event like the

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Beast Boy

Convergence: New Teen Titans #1 is an issue of the series Convergence: New Teen Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 22, 2015.

Synopsis for "Opposing Truths"

A full year since the day the dome separated Gotham City from the rest of the world, Donna Troy records yet another message for her husband Terry, hoping that the records she keeps will help prevent an event like the dome from happening again. Though she is married, she resents the other Titans for having paired up into relationships while she has actually been separated from the one she loves by the dome.

Without their powers, the Titans are helping the Gotham City Police Department fight crime with technology instead. Donna helps from the computer room while Nightwing and Starfire attempt to stop a botched robbery. Kory, though, sees that the robbers killed innocents in their attempt, and decides that justice in kind is warranted.

Meanwhile, in the Central City of the Tangent Universe, the Doom Patrol are having their own troubles without powers, under their own dome. They had travelled to the past to save their future, but ended up trapped, all the same. Unless they can escape and return to correct the events that set their course for doom, doom is all that awaits them. Unexpectedly, though, the dome begins to shift as a voice from beyond warns that it will soon fall, and champions from this city and every city on the planet Telos's surface must rise and fight for their home's survivals - or die. The dome shows the Doom Patrol their intended opponents: the Teen Titans of another world. At the same time, the Teen Titans are shown their opponents as well.

As the dome disappears, Beast Boy reports back from the edge of the city to warn that they are not on Earth, and they are not the only city that's been apparently kidnapped. What's better, from Starfire's perspective at least, is that they have got their powers back. Thus empowered, she does not hesitate to blast the robbers, as Dick complains that she has become more and more strident since the dome. She responds that she never again wanted to feel trapped as she was when she was enslaved as a girl - but all the same, she was. The two of them have been married for nearly six months, and she expects that by now he should understand that she is a Tamaranean - and what that means. She leaves the men hurt, but alive, warning Dick that he may regret that she let them live.

Victor Stone, the Cyborg, is not doing well. Without the parts and repairs he needs to remain functioning as a cyborg, his molybdenum cells that hold the promethium keeping him going have begun to deteriorate, and he may not make it much longer.

Donna is interrupted in her monitoring by an upset Kole, whose nascent relationship with Jericho is not going as well as she hoped it would. Sighing, Donna suggests that Kole simply be herself, and let Joey find a way to let her know he's interested, if he's interested. Thankfully, Kole commends Donna on helping everyone so much, but Donna's somewhat embittered by the fact that the only person she can't seem to help is herself, missing Terry terribly.

Back in Central City, the Doom Patrollers realize that they couldn't have simply been flown out of their planet - they had to have been transported somehow. If that's the case, they may be able to transport themselves back to where they need to go. It may be their only hope, but the only power source within range is in the city that was selected for them to fight. Whether they want to or not, they will have to fight.

As Beast Boy and Cyborg are working on installing a power source for the city's generators, the Doom Patrol attacks, claiming the plant as their own. Soon, the other Teen Titans come to their aid. While in battle with Cyborg, Rampage warns that he has seen something that makes him think they should reassess their attack. At Doomsday's command, they retreat, leaving the Titans wondering what their intent really was. They didn't seem to want to kill anyone. Still, Victor is injured, and it angers Dick enough that he agrees to draw up war plans with Starfire.

Rampage explains that the clear fact is that some mutual enemy brought both cities to this planet against their will from different earths. And despite their retreat, Rampage did locate the power source - it was the promethium powering the cyborg. If they want to get home, they have to dismantle the Cyborg. It will ensure the deaths of the Teen Titans and the destruction of Gotham, but it is a necessary sacrifice.

Afterwards, Dick and Kory are obviously on the outs, and Donna urges him to face their differences and work through it. Angrily, he reminds that Kory almost killed people today. Donna tries to remind him that Kory's people live by their emotions, and her love for him will keep her on the right path. Dick admits that he isn't sure that he and Kory should have got married at all, and he immediately understands that he's hurt Donna's feelings, as she can't even be with the one she married.

As the Doom Patrol plans its attack, Firehawk steps out and secretly sends a message to Nightwing, begging to talk.

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