"Zip-Ties": Having started out as sidekick to a Flash, Wally West now holds that role, and has two sidekicks of his own, in the form of his children Jae and Iris. They inherited his conne

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Convergence: Speed Force #1 is an issue of the series Convergence: Speed Force (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 8, 2015.

Synopsis for "Zip-Ties"

Having started out as sidekick to a Flash, Wally West now holds that role, and has two sidekicks of his own, in the form of his children Jae and Iris. They inherited his connection to the Speed Force, and it binds them together in a literal sense. Against his wife Linda's warnings, he has brought the kids along on a potential combat mission, knowing well that their powers are still unstable. He rationalizes it by knowing that if he left the kids at home his enemies would use them to strike out at him, and in any case, they need to learn how to master their abilities.

Wally and the kids arrive at their destination - what the JLA alert calls a "chronal disturbance". They sped all the way to Gotham City from Keystone City to investigate it. There is something familiar about this disturbance, though. Wally senses the energy signature of Barry Allen coming from it - which shouldn't be possible. As soon as they get within a short distance of the disturbance, though, a dome forms around Gotham City, cutting it off from the rest of the planet.

After nearly a year, every moment since being trapped, Wally has tried to get free, and every moment, he has regretted bringing Jai and Iris with him. Like every other super-human who was trapped under the dome, they lost their powers, and people are beginning to suspect that - like The Atom, the former flash is starting to lose his mind. To be fair, Wally hasn't had to get used to moving at a human's pace since before he got powers. He still jogs everywhere, though, trying to stay in shape for Linda's sake. He knows she's surely been wondering if he and the kids are alive for the past year. He'd gone to both Batman and the Atom for help in getting home, but they couldn't do any more than he could against the impenetrable dome. Eventually, they stopped trying, but Wally is fixated.

After spending all night hammering away at the dome, Wally returns home to his kids, who are late for school. He'd lost track of time again. Jai senses why his father is so determined, and assures him that he misses Linda too. Sadly, Wally hugs him and mourns the fact that he didn't listen to them when they'd warned him not to take them on the mission.

Suddenly, a voice from beyond the dome rings out over the city, warning that the dome would soon be removed, and champions from this and other cities would be forced to fight for the right to exist. As the dome recedes, Wally and his children are immediately re-empowered with their connection to the Speed Force intact. Hopefully, the children wonder if this means that they will be able to go home. Wally doesn't know, and he is more concerned with the likelihood that he will be forced into battle with champions from other worlds. Still, he doesn't want to die, and he doesn't want anyone else to die. For that reason, he determines first to go and provide aid to the people dressed like Old West Heroes, who are being ambushed by a Hawkman and Hawkwoman. In the meantime, he orders Jai and Iris to stay inside, and remain there until he comes back. They make him promise to come back.

By the time he arrives in El Inferno, Wally is too late. The voice of the planet Telos warns that the Justice Riders have fallen to the Hawkmen, as they were weak. For that reason, their city no longer has a place on his surface. The voice warns that this should be a lesson to him, that if he refuses to fight, he and Gotham will face the same fate as El Inferno. Before Wally's eyes, the city begins to crumble to dust; its innocent citizens along with it. Horrified, he wonders if this is the fate that awaits his children. Unfortunately, thinking of them at all, brings them to him.

Having lost track of where their Gotham is, Wally asks them to keep an eye out, as they run from city to city, looking for home. Unfortunately, every city they pass through appears to be at war with another city. It makes him worry, that maybe, in the end, they won't be the ones to survive - even if they do fight for it. As they speed along, they begin to sense an unfamiliar energy signature in the Speed Force, and its owner appears to be gaining on them. Hurriedly, Wally gets them to their Gotham - but stops once within city limits, assuring the children that they will stand and fight whoever has been chasing them. When he turns around, though, he doesn't see anyone he might have expected.

Fastback - a turtle from Follywood, Califurnia, and a speedster catches up with them. He explains that he isn't looking for a fight - he's looking for help. When he saw Wally speed through his city, he realized that there might be other speedsters out there, and hoped that they could all team up to fight whoever forced them into this situation. Wally is interested, but they are prevented from talking further by the arrival of another time's Wonder Woman, who has brought an army of Amazons to fight for her city's survival.

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