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"My Home in the Sky": After 342 days trapped under the dome, Superboy calls on the city of Metropolis not to give up hope yet. While he and the Legionnaires have lost their powers in that time, they haven't stopped fighting, j

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Brainiac 5 (Pre-Crisis)

Convergence: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #1 is an issue of the series Convergence: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 22, 2015.

Synopsis for "My Home in the Sky"

After 342 days trapped under the dome, Superboy calls on the city of Metropolis not to give up hope yet. While he and the Legionnaires have lost their powers in that time, they haven't stopped fighting, joining with the Science Police to work out a way to punch a hole in the dome. Unfortunately, not all of them survived the dome. Wildfire is presumed dead, as he had essentially become the powers he lost. Superboy promises the people of Metropolis that he will find a way for them to escape and hold their captor accountable.

Afterwards, Lightning Lass congratulates him on the good speech, admitting that the Legion alone probably couldn't have handled this situation if Superboy hadn't been visiting when the dome came down. Despite the brave face, Kal-El misses his earth family - his mother, his father and his dog - so much so that he is brought to tears. He is interrupted from his mourning by Invisible Kid, who begs for his help.

Brainiac 5, meanwhile, discovers that a monitor appears to have picked up a transmission from the planet itself. He tries to communicate, but the response is cryptic. Suddenly, Colossal Boy and the others break down the door, causing him to lose the signal. They haven't heard from him in weeks, and the time had come to find out what he was up to - but he is naturally angry that they ruined his attempt to communicate with the planet, which is most certainly not Earth. He has, in fact, realized that they may not be within the observable Multiverse.

Afterwards, Lightning Lass approaches Superboy alone and explains how she and her ex boyfriend Timber Wolf parted ways. He'd told her he needed space and left the city - and then the dome came down and she never saw him again. While she'd known their relationship was over, she had expected to see him again, at least once. Sighing, Superboy responds that he feels even farther away from home than he thought he was - a thousand years away. He worries that if he can't get back, he'll never become the Superman he's supposed to be. A bit harshly, Ayla warns him to think about others for a start. The Legionnaires had a rough go of it before the dome came down. Darkseid attacked Mon-El's home planet, and her own brother - Lightning Lord had tortured her to keep her from stopping Nemesis Kid from killing Karate Kid. She warns that she doesn't want him to be sorry, she just wants him to be the Superman he's supposed to be, to keep Metropolis going. Drawn to each other, they nearly kiss, but for a sudden shock between them.

Suddenly, they realize that the dome is disappearing, and a voice from beyond it warns that champions from each of the other formerly domed cities on the planet Telos must rise and fight for the survival of their homes.

Back in Brainiac 5's computer room, he explains that the message he received from the planet, despite being cryptic was also strangely familiar. Sun Boy notes that the voice had said only one city would survive, suggesting that they would have to break the Legion Code and kill their opponents - whoever they may be - if they want to save the people of Metropolis. Ultra Boy wonders if killing might be the only way to keep those people alive, and if it might also be the only way to get home. Shadow Lass suggests that they flout the voice's apparent intent for them to play the defensive role, and instead seek out their opponents before they can attack. The others are worried about splitting the team up when a threat could be coming, and they decide to put the decision to a reluctant Superboy. Before he can make a decision, a Science Policeman warns that the perimeter has already been breached.

Together, they fly out to see what has come to Metropolis, and are surprised to find Knights riding giant dogs have charged into the city square.

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