"Divided We Fall": Since a dome separated Metropolis from the rest of the world, John Henry Irons has been forced to protect the city as Steel in Superman's absence, but really, he'd rather be using his scientific expertise to help [[Em

Quote1.png The bad guts have won...and Metropolis is doomed to destruction. Quote2.png
Emil Hamilton

Convergence: Superman: The Man of Steel #1 is an issue of the series Convergence: Superman: The Man of Steel (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 15, 2015.

Synopsis for "Divided We Fall"

Since a dome separated Metropolis from the rest of the world, John Henry Irons has been forced to protect the city as Steel in Superman's absence, but really, he'd rather be using his scientific expertise to help Dr. Emil Hamilton work on a way to break through the dome. As he's helping Emil, a pair of former LexCorp Renegades crash through the window of the lab, and John Henry decides to chase after them and put a stop to their reckless actions. In the chaos, a cat on whom Emil had been experimenting with the dome's techno-organic molecules, is suddenly transformed by those molecules as it becomes stressed. Steel finds that there are many more Renegades outside, and though he seems to have the issue in hand, his niece Natasha and nephew Jemahl decide that they should be of help. Dr. Hamilton persuades them that they might be of better use to Bibbo Bibbowski, whose bar was damaged by the Renegades.

Natasha and Jemahl find Bibbo chasing looters off with a shotgun - apparently not in much need of help. By the time they catch up to him, they looters are gone, but suddenly, a voice rings out from beyond the dome, revealing that the dome will soon disappear, and champions from all of the cities on the surface of the planet Telos will have to fight for their home's survival.

When the dome falls, one of the thugs Bibbo took down rises and attacks Jemahl, revealing that he was once the villain called the Parasite, and now his powers have been restored. He drains Jemahl of some of his energy, and worriedly, Natasha carries him away to safety, afraid for his life. She carries him up to Steel, who has dealt with the Renegades, and warns him that he was selected by the Dome to fight. Grumpily, John Henry warns her to take Jemahl back to Dr. Hamilton while he deals with Parasite, and whatever else may come. Natasha, meanwhile, is grounded.

Before Steel can even get to Parasite, he is attacked by Gen 13, who have just found themselves transported to Metropolis unexpectedly from San Diego. They knock him down and Fairchild demands to know where the others they're supposed to fight are. John Henry is put off when he realizes that the opponents selected for him are kids. Seeing her uncle outnumbered, and already exhausted from his earlier battle, Natasha decides to ignore the fact that she's been grounded to find him some help. Unfortunately, when she tries to intervene on his behalf, he leaps in the way of a blast from the team at her, and it burns his metal armour right off.

In the meantime, the Parasite has caught up to them, and sees Gen 13 as an opportunity to have his fill of super-human energy. The entire team becomes occupied with trying to stop him, allowing Natasha to drag her wounded uncle away. Weakened by Parasite, Fairchild watches Natasha escape and realizes that the people they had attacked might be innocent - that Gen 13 has been manipulated.

Back at Dr. Hamilton's lab, Natasha learns that even if John Henry does wake up, he will be paralyzed. The enemies have won already, and Metropolis is doomed for destruction.

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