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"Domesday": Gotham City is burning, and Superman, spurned by his people in favour of Batman, intends to watch his enemies faces while their world falls down around them. Angrily, Batman tries to convince him to work on the side of good, for

Quote1.png CITIZENS OF MY WORLD! I have brought this convergence upon you. Now is the time. The hour is near. Judgement is here. Only one city shall survive, only the strong. Since your arrival, I have been the air that you breathe--the water you drink. I am the very ground you walk upon. I am your starless sky. I am the world. I am Telos. I have tended to your every need. But now, the domes will fall--and champions must rise. Never have the powerful among you been more necessary, for I you are about to partake in the greatest experiment of all. Your time has ended. Your worlds are dead. But I have the power to grant one city a future. Some of you came to me at a time of infinite crisis. Others were brought here in the final moments of their zero hour. Whether it was a flashpoint for a time that never was-- or of kingdoms that will never come...everyone here was granted life as a result of my dominion. THAT CHANGES NOW. Today your captivity turns to competition. And only one city among many will survive this day! Defenders of each domain will battle the other, and only the greatest heroes will live! Deny me--your people will be destroyed. Disobey me--your cities will be crushed by me hand! Dare to circumvent these conflicts in any way...and the citizens will pay the price. There is no room to make common cause among you. No quarter given. Only one city will survive this day--all other worlds will finally know the dark embrace of oblivion! Quote2.png

Convergence #1 is an issue of the series Convergence (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 8, 2015.

Synopsis for "Domesday"

Gotham City is burning, and Superman, spurned by his people in favour of Batman, intends to watch his enemies faces while their world falls down around them. Angrily, Batman tries to convince him to work on the side of good, for once, reminding that if there is nobody left alive from this disaster, there will be nobody to worship him as before. Suddenly, a voice rings out over the city, warning that this doom was brought upon themselves. They had proved themselves unworthy. Sure that the others will die, Superman saves himself, escaping the flames and earthquakes that consume them. Even as he is assured of his victory and survival, an colossal hand closes around him and crushes him in its fist. Telos looks down on the ruins of his domed city and knows that Brainiac was wrong to bring them there. He will begin again, and put things right.

Elsewhere on the planet Telos, heroes from Earth 2 are dropped suddenly onto the surface, as if from nowhere. Though they are confused, they are somewhat relieved, as they were all about to be killed by Darkseid's Omega Beams. Unfortunately, their survival means they surely lost everyone else they cared about, because they failed to stop Darkseid. While some people got off the planet alive, it is uncertain whether the convoy will make it to safety. The assembled are surprised when Yolanda Montez suddenly crawls out from the Earth, happy to be alive. She had felt the deaths of everyone who died, as Avatar of The Red, but she feels fortunate that she was fiven a second chance. Though they have no idea where they are, Alan Scott is certain that their home world is gone, as he can no longer feel The Green.

Suddenly, a metallic fluid begins rising up from the ground, encircling them, and shooting up into the sky around them. They are then visited by Telos, who demands to know why and how they are on his planet without their city. They explain that their city - and planet - were surely destroyed by Darkseid, and he deems this unacceptable. He had tried to collect them at the last possible moment, to avoid courting disaster by taking them too early - but clearly he miscalculated. The refugees are angry that he took them, but he reminds that they would be dead otherwise. Furthermore, they are the last of all the worlds that he intends to collect here. This must be the signal that his master had told him would one day come. It is the time to put all of the worlds in opposition to one another, to determine which will be replanted in the universe of worlds - and which will perish.

He shows the refugees the other worlds they will soon face, and they demand to have those people freed. He responds that he will free them - but only to fight for their existence until only one reality remains. He predicts, though, that they will not survive.

Telos addresses every world on the planet's surface and explains that it was he who brought this convergence upon them. The time for judgment is near, and only one city will survive; the strongest. As the planet they walk on, he has tended to their every need - but now the domes separating them will fall, and their champions must rise. Those champions will fight for a new world where their old worlds are dead. He has the power to grant one city a future. And the victor will be decided by competition. If any city chooses not to fight, it will be destroyed. If any city disobeys, it will be destroyed. If any city tries to avoid the fight, all of its citizens will pay for it.

The heroes of Earth 2 assure him that nobody will fight. This cannot be what Brainiac's plan was. Telos responds that the champions will fight to defend their people, it is that simple. It is destiny, and it has already begun.

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