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"Time Bomb": The heroes of Earth 2 have rescued a strange man called Deimos, who claims that their arrival was prophesied by a seer. He claims to have come from underground, and agrees to help them get there. Unfortunately, they are attacked by [[Brainiac (Prime Earth)

Quote1.png At the end of his life, Thomas Wayne did the best he could to make things right. He reconciled with his granddaughter, The Huntress. He said to Bruce the words he never heard from his own father. And by making amends, he did the best he could to protect his family. And that's what his plan was all along. To teach me. Because that's what a father does. Quote2.png
Dick Grayson (Earth 2)

Convergence #3 is an issue of the series Convergence (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 22, 2015.

Synopsis for "Time Bomb"

The heroes of Earth 2 have rescued a strange man called Deimos, who claims that their arrival was prophesied by a seer. He claims to have come from underground, and agrees to help them get there. Unfortunately, they are attacked by Brainiac's drones.

Telos, meanwhile, is frustrated by the fact that the citizens of Kandor are resisting his order that they should fight the other cities for their survival. Proudly, they refuse to participate. When he visits them warning them to bend to his will, Nightwing and Flamebird try to reason with him, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Superman has been captured by the drones. Thankfully, Batman and Dick Grayson arrive in the Batplane to destroy the drones and free him. Unfortunately, they've brought with them the bad news that nobody can come to help them. The heroes of every city are either on the attack or under siege.

Having been captured by Brainiac first, long ago, the people of Kandor feel that they know they were not intended to be forced into battle like this. That was not what Brainiac wanted. Telos responds that they have no choice but to do his will. When Nightwing tries to resist, Telos responds by killing him. Angrily, the people of Kandor rally and open fire on their captor. Angrily, Telos reminds that as virtual supermen, they could easily have won the conflict - but instead, they have brought their deaths upon themselves. He rains destruction down on them, leaving none left alive. The destruction of Kandor would serve as an example to other cities who might defy him.

Deimos warns the survivors of Earth 2 that they must hurry away before Brainiac returns. Green Lantern admits that he sensed something Telos fears beneath the surface of the planet, and Deimos urges them to follow him to find that which they seek. Despite their reluctance to trust him, the heroes determine that they have no choice. Still, Batman decides to stay behind, explaining that he has something to take care of. Hearing this, Dick Grayson insists on staying too. Aside, Thomas explains that he has run out of the Miraclo that was keeping him spry, and as such, he would have slowed the others down. Besides, someone had followed them from Gotham City, and he senses their ill intent.

Deimos, meanwhile, leads the others through a suffocating tunnel, which - to their surprise - opens out into a vast underground world he calls Skartaris. He claims that he was deposed from his place in this land by a mad despot, wishing to claim Skartaris as his own, along with its hidden power.

Elsewhere, both Monarch and Per Degaton have been captured by Shakira. She knows that Deimos needs what he calls masters of time, and therefore, she feels it's best best that she lock them away from his grasp.

Meanwhile, Batman and Dick discover that the people who followed them were in fact the enemies of the Batman from the other Gotham that they'd visited earlier, and while Thomas isn't their Batman, they are just as eager to see him dead as their own. Unexpectedly, this Batman urges them forward, eager to have them surround him. Instead of fighting, them, though, he let's them get as close as possible, and then detonates an explosive on his person, killing as many of them as he can in one strike.

Dick watches, and in the moment realizes that Thomas Wayne's sacrifice was inevitable. He had reconciled with his granddaughter, told the Bruce Wayne of another world the words he had never been able to tell his own son, and he has done the best he could to protect the Wayne family. This was a lesson in fatherhood that Dick would take to heart, if he had the time to consider it. Unfortunately, he is shot in the gut by the one surviving of Batman's villains: The Joker. The bullet penetrates his spine, paralyzing him from the waist down. Before he can make the kill shot, however, a pair of arms grip round him, and snap his neck. Looking up, Dick sees that the Joker's killer was Telos himself, who declares the clown a scourge upon every timeline.

Coldly, Dick challenges Telos to finish him off, but instead, his enemy demands to know where Dick's friends have gone.

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