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"The Return": Telos can see that Richard Grayson is fighting for his survival - and that's exactly what he wanted. His endeavour to make the cities collected from across different timelines and different realities by [[Vril Dox (Futures End)|B

Quote1.png You don't see what's happening. Telos believes this is the end for all of us, but he's wrong. He's wrong about the future. He's wrong about the past. Quote2.png

Convergence #4 is an issue of the series Convergence (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. It was published on April 29, 2015.

Synopsis for "The Return"

Telos can see that Richard Grayson is fighting for his survival - and that's exactly what he wanted. His endeavour to make the cities collected from across different timelines and different realities by Brainiac fight for their survival was to find people worthy of living on his surface. Dick is sure that Telos intends to kill him, but can't figure out why he's been hesitating. The planet's sentience explains that Dick has misunderstood his intentions. He came to save this Richard Grayson - or at least give him the opportunity to save himself. He can heal Dick's shattered spine with his moulding metal. He warns, though, that Dick and his friends must join in the convergence. The two of them need not be enemies - so long as Dick is on the winning side.

Meanwhile, the other survivors of Earth 2 have entered Skartaris, following the sorcerer Deimos, who promised them a way to stop Telos. Deimos explains that his enemy the Warlord has captured and taken prisoner a group of people called the Time Masters, whom he believes will be the key to returning everyone on Telos to their homes. Alan and Yolanda's connections to The Red and The Green are restored by the life that hides within Skartaris, and so empowered, they journey with Deimos to seek out the Warlord.

Travis Morgan, the Warlord, is currently in battle with the Lizardmen of Skartaris. They claim that he is responsible for the change in their world, and Travis realizes with surprise that they are not within the Earth, as expected. They've been moved.

Telos allows Dick to watch as the other cities fall to one another. Confused, Dick wonders why Telos doesn't simply save all of them, reminding that he's seen how powerful he is. Telos explains that nothing is learned from that. The strongest are those who will survive , in accordance with the laws of nature - and the law of Brainiac.

The heroes of Earth 2 find themselves in battle with Mariah and Machiste, but Deimos is conspicuously absent. Meanwhile, Shakira watches over the Time Masters she trapped. Suspecting Deimos' intentions with them were bad, she ensured they would not escape. She promises them, though, that if they align themselves with the Warlord, she will release them. They are wary of her, though, and refuse to agree to anything she offers.

Dick tries to explain that forcing people to fight like this is wrong and cruel. All lives, in every reality, have value. Though he admires Dick's spirit, Telos must adhere to his programming. He senses Dick's allies beneath his surface - along with something or someone else.

Deep in Skartaris, Deimos senses that he's being watched by Yolanda Montez, and freely admits that he was not honest with her. He is a high priest of dark magic, and he hopes to control more than just Skartaris - and he has seen the way to do it. He offers her the chance to join him, but she rejects it. Grimly, he warns that her connection to the Red is merely a sliver of the power he has, in connection to all light and darkness. Knocking her aside, he heads forward, unobstructed, until he encounters Shakira. He knocks her unconscious, warning that she cannot simply negotiate with the Time Masters. She needs to take their power - which he does, though the Time Masters try to fight it. Soon, Alan and Jay return, with Mariah and Machiste in tow, finding Yolanda and Shakira alive, at least. Deimos sees them, and, tapped into the power of the Time Masters, realizes why they are at the centre of all this: they are the original heroes reborn. Jay Garrick - the first Jay Garrick - had been the first to encounter the truth of the Multiverse.

Outside, Travis and Tara spot the light of Green Lantern's power and know that they must traverse the tunnels below the castle to help their friends.

Telos and Dick, meanwhile, home in on the location of the others, within the centre of the planet. Grinning, Deimos explains that it must be fate that Telos is there to see the truth behind the convergence. He uses the power of the Time Masters to call on Brainiac himself. Coldly, Brainiac responds, demanding to know what Deimos wants - because he will give it in exchange for his freedom.

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