Cooler was an enemy of StormWatch's Fahrenheit.

She was one of the villains invited to discuss an alliance with major post-human criminals Slaughterhouse Smith, the Daemonite Lord Defile and the Walking Ghost - a discussion which accidentally became on of the worst massacres in the history of New York City when two hapless cops stumbled on it, leaving hundreds dead. As StormWatch operatives teleported in, the Cooler maniacally engaged Fahrenheit once again. Despite being twenty stories up, the Cooler maniacally jumped from her ice ramp to wrestle with Fahrenheit and the two women crashed in the street below, with Fahrenheit taking the worse of the impact. Dazed and bleeding, the Cooler was apprehended by Officer Doran. She resisted arrest, but the quick-thinking officer duped her into electrocuting herself while trying to kill him.

The Cooler was seen some time later as an ally of Lord Defile - she and several other minor supervillains finally accept to join him. Defile was attempting to take down the experimental PHD unit of StormWatch, then housed by the NYPD at the 18th precinct house. The force of aliens and supervillains, supported by some Daemonite troops, invaded precinct house and trapped and defeated everyone within. They underestimated the prowess of both the cops (led by Doran) and the PHD operatives, and the tables were unexpectedly turned on them. The Cooler tried to kill a weakened Fahrenheit, who easily took her out using her recently-learned, more ruthless combat techniques. The villain was thus likely arrested this time around.




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