Cooper Seldon was Felicity Smoak's boyfriend and roommate in college. Together, along with Myron Forest, they were part of a hacktivist group that were able to hack into a government database. Cooper wanted to delete everyone's student loans, but Felicity and Myron pulled the plug, scared of going to jail. Cooper was later arrested for the hacking, and protected Felicity by saying that he was the one to write the virus that hacked into the database. Before his sentencing, Cooper was believed to have hung himself.

5 years later, Cooper returns, hacking into the Starling City power grid and delivering a message under the alias Brother Eye. Cooper attacked the bank of Starling City, knowing that a truck of fresh cash would be delivered under such a circumstance. To further his plans, Cooper kidnapped Felicity and her mother Donna, and used Donna as a bargaining chip to get Felicity to re-route the armored cash trucks to his location, as she was the only one with the skill to do it. The plan worked, until Felicity was able to use the wi-fi signal from a smartwatch given to her mother by Ray Palmer to contact The Arrow. Cooper held Felicity by gunpoint, but Felicity was able to grab the gun and knock out Cooper.

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  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Arrow and is an adaptation of Brother Eye. The original character was created by Jack Kirby and first appeared in OMAC #1.
  • Cooper Seldon was portrayed by Nolan Funk.
  • Cooper's name may be a reference to Sheldon Cooper from the TV series The Big Bang Theory.



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