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Records indicate "Copperhead" is an alias by hit men working for Central and South American drug cartels, but this Copperhead is clearly female. This could indicate that the name is actually a title or label for an underworld organization. Either way, Copperhead seems capable of escaping nearly all forms of confinement, Kill techniques range from strangulation and crushed bones to acute toxicity resulting in death.

Copperhead was one of the assasins the Joker hired to try and kill Batman. When Batman freed Roman Sionis at the Sionis Steel Mill while he was looking for The Joker he encountered her. She poisoned him and fought the Bat. After Alfred sent in the cure for the poison Batman was able to defeat her, leaving her in a cargo container for the police to find her. She told him that all the assassins would be having a meeting and Batman went after them, leaving an anonymous tip. She was implied to be imprisoned in Blackgate Penitentiary after the events on Christmas, along with the other assassins.


  • Contortionism: Due to the inhuman flexibility of her bones, Copperhead can bend her limbs and body in ways to bypass limitations and obstructions that would impede a normal person. This also helps her escape jail quite often, as she slip through the bars; she can also maneuver her legs across a table she's handcuffed to and strangle a guard for his keys.
    • Acrobatics: A benefit to her contortion abilities is the ability to maintain balance and leap from hiding places. She is much more skilled at this than Batman at the time, as she does not need a Grapple Gun to reach high places.
  • Stealth: Copperhead can remain undetected as long as she wishes. However, per her toying personality, she will leave small hints to her presence, be it a brief shadow or a laugh; even poisoning someone near by. She is able to climb around metal beams with her claws without so much as making a loud noise.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Preferring to sneak up and restrain her targets and then poison them, Copperhead does not possess advanced combat skills. She was only able to be a match for Batman because he was recovering from her poison at the time, therefore seeing multiple illusions of her.
  • Toxicology: Copperhead creates her own poison, which kills a man within minutes.
  • Bilingualism: Copperhead is fluent with both Spanish and English.


  • Toxins


  • Claws: Gauntlets with two metal claws each. The are coaked in Copperhead's poison. A single scratch is all it takes. However, it seems the release mechanism is faulty as Batman was able to find traces of the poison from places Copperhead touched with her hands.



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