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Quote1.png Before coming to Central City, I was an assassin for hire. I would save my targets the pain of a bite and inject them with a personal concoction of the deadliest snake venoms in the world. Death's visit was so slow I'd never stay to witness the toxin setting in. Quote2.png
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Real name unknown, Copperhead is a crime boss in Central City, as well as a former mercenary. She is an antagonist of both Batman and the Flash.

Hunting Batman

Two-Face placed a large bounty on Batman's head that many super-villains and mercenaries intended to collect, including Copperhead. Alongside several other villains Copperhead tracked down the Bat to a active train. Climbing on board the train Copperhead attempted to kill Batman but he was able to escape by jumping into a flowing stream.[1]

Crime Boss

After a brief stint of assassinations and other mercenary jobs, Copperhead was called up to lead her families' crime business in Central City. After a mysterious rival boss started muscling in on her territory she decided to hire several mercenaries to enforce her rule, two of these mercenaries were Shrapnel and Black Spider. However Black Spider was arrested by the Flash for robbing a diamond exchange, and Shrapnel was arrested after murdering the Road Reapers.[2] Soon after this another pair of mercenaries were apprehended by the Flash - The Trigger Twins. This prompted Copperhead to open negotiations with the mysterious crime lord (whom she discovered was Captain Cold), in order to find a way to defeat the Flash.[3] Copperhead followed Cold's plan to eliminate the Flash, but Cold turned on her when he planted a cold bomb in a weapons delivery. The Flash was able to save her after he apprehended Cold, but without any evidence of her involvement she was allowed to walk free.[4]

Copperhead later attacked reporters at Daily Planet for perceived slander before being apprehended by Superman and taken to Iron Heights.[5]


  • Business Management: Copperhead successfully maintains a criminal empire in Central City.[2]
  • Interrogation: Copperhead often interrogates thugs from opposing criminal factions to find out information about them.[2]
  • Intimidation: Copperhead rules her criminal empire by using fear to make criminals do her bidding.[2]
  • Leadership: Copperhead leads a portion of the Central City underworld with ruthless efficiency.[2]
  • Toxicology: Copperhead possesses a rich understanding of venom, especially that which was produced by snakes. Batman stated that with the assassin Cheshire, Copperhead is the most toxic individual on the planet.[1]
  • Tracking: Copperhead was formerly an assassin, who would hunt down and execute her targets with agonizing toxins.[2]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)


  • Toxins: Copperhead uses a large variety of toxins in her unlawful activity.[2]


  • Claws: Copperhead's weapon of choice is a pair of claws she wears on her hands. She usually coats these claws in potent toxins that have various effects on her victims.

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the DC Rebirth and is an adaptation of Copperhead. The original character was created by WB Games Montréal and first appeared in Batman: Arkham Origins.



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