Cora was an Atlantean who lived during the years immediately following the Great Deluge.

She was the princess of the crown and the daughter of King Orin the First and Queen Narmea. As a child, she became a close friend with an Atlantean boy named Bazil. She had also earned the attention of her cousin Dardanus, the son of Orin's mad brother Shalako.[1]

When Cora was fourteen-years-old, her parents presented her official coming out party to the people of Poseidonis. It was at this time that her cousin Dardanus (long believed dead) had emerged from hiding to publicly announce his return to the city. Cora fell in love with her childhood friend Bazil, and Bazil nearly lost his life to Dardanus while defending his beloved's honor. Cora and Bazil were married, but on the night of their wedding, Dardanus sneaked into Cora's bed chambers at the Atlantean Royal Palace and raped her. Cora fought back, giving Dardanus a permanent scar across his left cheek.[2]

From this union was born the hideous creature known as Kordax. The royal family kept knowledge of the rape a secret and Cora even tried to be a mother to Kordax, until the day the infant viciously mutilated her while attempting to feed. Bazil took the monstrous infant and abandoned it near the Cave of Death. Soon after, Cora and Bazil had their own child together, a daughter named Fiona. Cora's father, Orin, eventually retired from service as king and named Cora the new Queen of Atlantis. Cora's first official act as Queen was to name her daughter Fiona as the heir to the throne. At this time, Kordax (now an adult) came out of hiding to claim the throne as his birthright. This incident erupted into a war between Poseidonis and the neighboring city-state Tritonis.[3]

When Tritonians were defeated after the war, Kordax was sentenced to exile from Atlantis by Cora. She also decided to cut his left arm as punishment.[4]


  • Amphibious: Due to the scientist Thorne's experiments, Cora was granted the ability to breathe underwater and survive the increased pressure of the ocean depths.




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