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The Corinthian was a failed experiment in terror, created by Morpheus, aka The Sandman.

First Corinthian

A nightmare creature living in the guise of man, with jaws in place of eyes, the Corinthian was "A nightmare created to be the darkness and the fear of darkness in every human heart. A black mirror made to reflect everything about itself that humanity will not confront." Discovered by Morpheus in 1990 at a convention for serial killers, the Corinthian was declared a failure for not living up to his potential for creating fear and was uncreated.[1]

Second Corinthian

The Corinthian was recreated by Dream in order to help him confront the Kindly Ones. His task was to recover Daniel from Loki, and return him to the Dreaming.[2]

With time, this Corinthian also proved to be unstable, as he persecuted without the permission of Dream, the humans Gabriel Ashe and Echo, who were in a killing spree with the same M.O. of the first Corinthian, resulting in the death of both and Matthew the Raven. Dream did not uncreated him this time, though, but send him into the waking world as a human to learn about human suffering. His replacement was Echo as the third Corinthian.[3]

As a human, he resided in Bangkok, Thailand, called himself 'Alex Corinth', and fell in love with a transvestite man called Sila. His happiness was not meant to be, as Sila died while the Corinthian confronted a cult of Kali.[4] With this, the Corinthian learned about human suffering.

Dream called the Corinthian back into the Dreaming to confront Echo, who was calling herself Dread of the Endless at the moment and was causing a civil war in the dreaming. He stalled the nightmare enough time until Cain stopped her. Later the Corinthian was re-established in his position as Nightmare until today.[5]



  • Ancient Rules: As all inhabitants of the realms, the Corinthian is bound to old rules

  • The Corinthian is gay. He had a male consort named Sila, and also told Echo that he preferred her when he was a boy when he saw her resurrected as a woman in the dreaming.