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Quote1.png I'm really the man who needs your freshly harvested heart... its norepinephrine and adrenaline... its deliciously bubbling stress hormones... all the natural ingredients for a stew of organic fear... Quote2.png
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Cornelius Stirk is a mentally diseased criminal from Gotham City.

Stirk was confined to Arkham Asylum at the young age of 16 after he tried to murder a classmate. For sixteen years, Stirk was locked in Arkham, where he was diagnosed with a severe hypothalamic disorder, which is a result of a deficiency of certain neurotransmitters in his brain. However, the doctors at Arkham couldn't explain how Stirk gained the Psi-Powers that allow him to alter his appearance in other people's minds.[1]

During his time as an Arkham inmate, Stirk remained under constant medication until he learned how to control his psi-powers and used the to manipulate the doctors, convincing them that he was completely sane. Stirk was eventually released. After only a week of freedom, he started killing people, terrorizing them and removing their hearts from their bodies. Stirk's madness caused him to believe that all he needed to survive was to ingest other people's organs and the fluids they produce under the effects of fear.[2]

When Stirk claimed his third victim, he was finally confronted by Batman. Although Stirk managed to get the upper hand in their first confrontation, he was ultimately defeated and returned to Arkham Asylum, where the doctors learned about Stirk's powers and resumed medicating him for the foreseeable future.[1]


After the massive breakout from Arkham orchestrated by Bane, Stirk worked with the Joker in an attempt to kidnap Commissioner Gordon. However, Stirk tried to kill Gordon rather than kidnap him, much to Joker's dismay. Gordon hallucinates that Stirk is actually Batman as Stirk tries to kill Gordon with a knife. The real Batman stops Stirk and the madman is successfully returned to Arkham.[3]

The Widening Gyre

Stirk resurfaces some time after the Infinite Crisis, back to his old tricks. When Batman comes to stop him, Stirk successfully renders him unconscious and keeps him bound inside his hideout. This time, Robin shows up and defeats him, rescuing Batman and sending Stirk back into custody.



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