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T.D.K. (real name Cory Pitzner) was a metahuman criminal with the ability to detach and remotely control his arms. He was part of the Suicide Squad team sent to Corto Maltese to destroy Project Starfish.


Through unknown circumstances, Cory Pitzner gained the ability to detach from his body and telekinetically control his arms and legs at will. He decided to use this unique ability to aid him in crime, becoming known as the Detachable Kid, or T.D.K. for short (seemingly to surprise and impress with his ability's uniqueness). However, he was apprehended and incarcerated in the Belle Reve Correctional Center, where he became a member of Task Force X, A.R.G.U.S. director Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad.[1]

The Corto Maltese Mission

Task Force X DC Extended Universe 004

Dying for a distraction

In 2020, the Squad was sent by Waller on a mission to Corto Maltese to destroy evidence of the U.S. government's involvement in the creation of the powerful and dangerous Project Starfish. Lead by Colonel Rick Flag, T.D.K.'s team included Harley Quinn, Savant, Blackguard, and more. Unbeknownst to the team, however, Waller had sent them as a distraction for the Maltese army so that her second Squad strike team could invade without hindrance.

Cory Pitzner DC Extended Universe 002

Preparing for attack

When the Squad arrived on Maltese shores, they were betrayed by Blackguard, who had contacted the Maltese army to ambush the team. The two groups engaged in combat, and T.D.K. was called into action. He detached his arms, to the horror and bewilderment of his teammates, and sent them flying towards some soldiers, but only managed to slap them a few times. The soldiers shot his arms to pieces, as well as Pitzner himself several times in the chest. He was coughing up blood and noted as being in critical condition when last seen.[1]


  • Removable Limbs: T.D.K. can painlessly detach his arms and legs from his body easily and at will, which he can use to distract, bewilder, and physically beat his enemies with like a club. In addition, he can telekinetically control his detached limbs. It is not known if he can reattach his limbs or if he must regrow them.



  • Vulnerability to Limbs: If T.D.K.'s limbs are injured after being detached from his body he'll still feel the pain from those injuries, as seen when Corto Maltese soldiers repeatedly shot his floating arms causing him immense pain until he fainted from the bleeding of his floating arms and was left in critical condition.
  • Power Limitation: T.D.K.'s limbs are very weak and slow, only being able to lightly smack his targets and be a minor annoyance.


  • Protective suit: T.D.K. wears a green and yellow leather suit to protect himself and his identity, as well as keep his arms free to detach. It is not, however, bullet-proof.


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