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Metron of the New Gods has unwittingly unleashed a terrible threat to the entire universe. A sentient being of pure Anti-Life energy has forced four aspects of itself with the plan of collapsing the Milky Way galaxy by destroying any two of four spec

Cosmic Odyssey was a four issue miniseries written by Jim Starlin with art by Mike Mignola. Darkseid and Highfather call on Earth's heroes to defeat a sentient Anti-Life Equation that threatens four planets.


Metron of the New Gods has unwittingly unleashed a terrible threat to the entire universe. A sentient being of pure Anti-Life energy has forced four aspects of itself with the plan of collapsing the Milky Way galaxy by destroying any two of four specific planets. The resulting gravity disruption will cause a fundamental change in the physics of the universe that will allow the Anti-life being to consume it. A chosen few have been selected to defend each of the four planets: Superman and Orion are assigned to defend Thanagar; Lightray and Starfire are sent to Rann; Batman and Forager are assigned to Earth; Martian Manhunter and a John Stewart are sent to Xanshi. Each team is given a device to capture an aspect of Anti-Life. After the heroes are sent on their way, the mysterious Mr. Blood who was called from Earth with the other terran Heroes wonders aloud what his part in this quest will be, only to find out to his horror that he will once again be merged with Etrigan, the Demon.[1]

Batman returns to Earth with Forager and makes a quick call to an unknown person. He asks the person to watch Darkseid carefully as he doesn't trust him.

As each team tries to learn the location of the aspect, they each encounter different problems. On Thanagar the winged warriors of that planet are being mind controlled and attack Superman and Orion without hesitation. On Xanshi, there are weather control stations that are causing massive disturbances on a planetwide scale. On Rann, the population is in a state of pure anarchy as they try to kill each other or themselves. The only one who is unaffected by the madness is an earthman known as Adam Strange, the Champion of Rann. On Earth Batman and Forager go to the Batcave and Batman taps into the worldwide computer network to see if he can track the aspect.

Trouble for the quest begins on Xanshi, as the Martian Manhunter and John Stewart have their aspect catcher device destroyed by lightning. John Stewart creates another with his ring and heads off to stop the aspect, but he encases the Manhunter with his power ring to prevent him from following. John Stewart believes that he can stop the aspect all by himself. But his overconfidense betrays him. The doomsday device was made of a yellow metal, rendering his ring useless. He's too late to stop the bomb, and the planet Xanshi is destroyed. This failure leaves a deep mark in John's conscience, and Martian Manhunter is not willing to forgive him either.

Back on New Genesis Jason Blood is succesfully merged with Etrigan the Demon.[2]

On Rann, the team encounters the aspect in its host form only to be defeated one by one, but Starfire plays possum and manages to destroy the host. Lightray destroys the bomb but they are unable to capture the aspect. On Thanagar, Superman attempts to capture the aspect while Orion keeps the winged army of Thanagar from interfering. Superman is finally successful in capturing the aspect and destroying the bomb. He is furious with Orion when he finds that Orion has killed many of the mind controlled Thanagarians.

As the other teams return to New Genesis, Batman and Forager have discovered the location of their aspect in Moosejaw, Arizona. They find that there are two hosts for the aspect and begin a desperate battle against them.

Darkseid convinces the Demon to help him confront the Anti-Life being in its own Dimension. Hightfather does not want that course of action, but he arrives too late, along with Orion, to stop Darkseid's plans. Suddenyl, Doctor Fate, who was the one Batman called earlier, arrives at the scene and offers his help to travel to the Anti-Life's dimension.[3]

As Darkseid stands helpless to stop his own destruction, Hightfather, Orion, and Doctor Fate arrive to help. The five of them form a unified front against the Anti-Life being. Doctor Fate destroys the dimension in which the Anti-Life existed knowing that even this would not truly stop the Anti-Life being as the fate of the Earth was still being decided.

Back on Earth Batman and Forager succeed but at the cost of Forager's life. On New Genesis the group is reunited but Darkseid is furious with Doctor Fate as he felt that he was treated as a puppet. John Stewart tries to commit suicide because of his failure to defend Xanshi but he cannot bring himself to do it, and the Martian Manhunter uses reverse psychology to bring John out of his suicidal thoughts. Orion earns Batman's ire when he makes a shallow comment about Forager's valor. Highfather instructs Orion that he must atone by escorting Forager's body back to the Insect Empire.[4]


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