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"Book Two: Disaster": On Thanagar, Superman and Orion soon discern that the Anti-Life Aspect is influencing the Thanagarians to attack any intruders. Superman uses just enough of his power to fend them off, w

Quote1.png Thanks to your arrogance and stupidity, I have now seen two worlds die. I will never forgive you for this. Quote2.png
Martian Manhunter

Cosmic Odyssey #2 is an issue of the series Cosmic Odyssey (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1989.

Synopsis for "Book Two: Disaster"

On Thanagar, Superman and Orion soon discern that the Anti-Life Aspect is influencing the Thanagarians to attack any intruders. Superman uses just enough of his power to fend them off, while Orion revels in the battle, slaughtering the forces until they retreat. Superman suggests he tone down his excessive force in the future.

The Martian Manhunter and John Stewart find that the Aspect on Xanshi has infected the population with a deadly plague. John manages to synthesise an elixir with his ring, giving it to a local. He explains that if he drinks it, he will be able to transfuse his blood as a cure. John then finds a native computer console to scan it for information, discovering a weather control station in the Arctic using ten times the normal amount of power. Further examination reveals the station is now controlling the planet on a greater scale.

On Earth, Batman introduces Forager to the Batcave. The reports from the other teams have been collected by the Batcomputer, and analysing the data, Batman has a hunch that the Aspect will target the Batcomputer.

Meanwhile, Lightray leads Starfire to Ranagar, where J'onn told him he may find an ally to aid them in finding the Aspect. The entire Rannian population has been afflicted with madness as unbridled chaos fills the streets. They find Adam Strange who has resorted to restraining Alanna and Sardath for their own protection. Adam dons his jet pack and accompanies the pair to a manufacturing centre called Peltex 5.

On New Genesis, Jason Blood is faced with an unthinkable proposal — being reunited with the Demon. Highfather regrets asking Blood for such a sacrifice, but he assures he would not ask Blood of such a thing were it not essential. Darkseid concurs, warning Blood that the threat of the Anti-Life Entity crossing over is still a threat, even if the heroes succeed in neutralising the Aspects. The barrier between dimensions must be strengthened, but even the combined power of Highfather and Darkseid is not enough. Only by using an elemental being like Etrigan as a conduit can they harness the unbridled power of nature, but the Demon must be whole, not the withered shell of his former self. Begrudgingly, Jason accepts the burden.

Back on Xanshi, the two heroes race to find the Aspect, only to encounter a stormy atmosphere to slow them down. While evading a tornado, J'onn is struck by lightning but recovers, whereas the ant-life catcher is not so lucky. Fortunately, John scanned the device with his ring and recreates a construct replica. Shielding themselves from the elements in a cube of light, the pair journey on.

Batman's research has uncovered a suspicious amount of exotic deliveries to Moosejaw, Arizona. But it it the fact that the recently deceased Joe Bester is listed as the receiver which leaves little room for doubt.

Upon reaching the vast factory outside of Ranagar, Adam leads Lightray and Starfire to the basement where they discover a gargantuan doomsday bomb. The trio separates to try and locate the Aspect. Soon after, Lightray and Starfire hurry to the sound of a scream and find Adam unconscious on the ground. They continue down the hall until they reach a dead end, failing to notice a black substance leaking from the ventilation grate.

The violent weather recedes on Xanshi, unable to penetrate Green Lantern's box, but John is taken off guard as they are assaulted from below by a volcanic eruption. The ring protects the partners, but frustrated, John arrogantly accuses J'onn of holding him back and he restrains the Martian in a bubble before leaving to stop the Aspect alone. John reaches the weather station where, to his dismay, he finds the doomsday bomb has been entirely painted yellow. Completely ineffectual, John's mind wanders to J'onn as the last six seconds of the countdown. The explosion engulfs half of the planet before the Aspect changes the polarity of the core, and Xanshi propels itself into its star which is destroyed in turn. Amongst the debris floating where a the Pegaron system formally existed, J'onn finds the thoughtless Green Lantern huddled in regret and rebukes him for his unforgivable act before leaving.

As knowledge of the failure spreads to New Genesis, Highfather insists now is the time Blood merge back with Etrigan. The two decrepit adversaries meet face to face once more, embracing their destiny and one another until the union is complete, and Etrigan in all his malevolent glory stands alone.

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  • This issue is reprinted in the Cosmic Odyssey trade paperback.
  • 48 page, squarebound prestige format.


  • The destruction of Xanshi proves to be a defining moment in the life of John Stewart. His failure to stop the bomb from exploding will haunt him for years to come. A survivor of Xanshi, Fatality, will one day come to Earth seeking to avenge her people against John Stewart.

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