Cossack, best known for his codename of Dark Rider, was a former agent of the KGB who went rogue in his quest to eliminate the United States of America as a threat to the Soviet Union.

Losing some touch with reality, Dark Rider became involved in terrorist activities and stole a large statue, filling it with plutonium before taking it to Gotham City.[1] His plan was to poison the entire water supply of the city, killing millions of people in order to have America surrender to Russia. In order to prevent an international conflict, the KGB and the CIA send their best agents to stop the Dark Rider. When the CIA agents failed, Batman worked alonside the KGB agent and they stopped Dark Rider before he could poison the water reservoir with the plutonium, which he had poured all over his body. Afterwards, Dark Rider was taken back to Russia by the international authorities.[2]



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