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Quote1 The ring… they can't be misled. It had to be drawn here by… your love. Please… Nol-Anj Quote2
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Cossite was a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Green Lantern Cossite was a member of Green Lantern Corps and a warden in the Sciencells on Oa before he met his demise at the hand of one of the prisoners, Prixiam Nol-Anj.

Dark Days

During Larfleeze attack on Oa, Lantern Cossite volunteered to stay back in the Sciencells to guard the criminals. It was revealed that his true intention was to protect Nol-Anj, one of the prisoners.[1] Cossite had been secretly harbored his feelings for Nol-Anj but unable to act upon it. Despite the intensify battle outside, Cossite refused to go out and aid his fellow Lanterns, instead sworn to stay and protect Nol-Anj with his life. Seeing that no one around, Nol-Anj tried to persuade Cossite to free her so they could leave together using the chaos as the cover. Cossite was hesitant, questioning what life a warden and his prisoner could have together. However, the appearance of a Star Sapphire Ring in front of Nol-Anj changed his mind. Nol-Anj quickly explained that her love for him was the reason the ring chose her. Finally relenting, Cossite freed Nol-Anj and stood admiring her transformation into a Star Sapphire. His happiness was short lived however as Nol-Anj revealed her true nature and immediately murdered him, saying she had never loved him or any one individual but instead her love was for her clann. Nol-Anj flew away leaving Cossite's lifeless body in her wake.[2] His death was later noted as one of the casualties of the prison break and Nol-Anj was formerly charged for his murder. Hal Jordan decided to investigate Cossite's murder case by himself. Sadly, Nol-Anj was never captured for her crimes.[3]






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