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The Council of Supermen was assembled during the Anti-Monitor Crisis in order to fight the Council of Luthors who was planning to destroy every version of Superman from the Multiverse before the end of reality.


On December 10, 2019, the Anti-Monitor was unleashed from his cage by Nash Wells and began destroying one universe after the other.[1] As the infinite realities fell into chaos, many iterations of Lex Luthor gathered up on Earth-99 where they came up with the idea of murdering every Superman from the Multiverse.[2]

As a response to their plans, Superman of Earth-96 assembled a team, the so-called Council of Supermen, which was composed by some of his counterparts from the still-existing realities to counter their archenemies' plan.[2]

The Council traveled to Earth-86 where they found their counterpart from Earth-38 who was still shocked by the death of his world and accidentally reached Earth-86, believing it to be his home universe. As Lex Luthor from his universe previously warned him about his counterparts' threat,[2] Superman of Earth-38 proposed the Council to strike them first before they could move against them.[3]

The Supermen of the Multiverse journeyed to Earth-99, attacking the flying spaceship where the Council of Luthors had previously based itself. Every Luthor suited up but was quickly defeated by the Kryptonian superheroes that forced all of them to escape before being caught into custody. Lex Luthor of Earth-38, who had previously helped the Council to disarm the Luthors' Kryptonite arsenal, was then back to the Waverider where he began plotting his own plan to erase every Supermen of the Multiverse.[3]

Not long after their win over the Luthors, the Council of Superman was erased after the Multiverse was completely annihilated by the antimatter.[4] After the Paragons and the Spectre managed to reboot the Multiverse,[5] every member of the Council was presumably restored to the existence on his own reality.


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