Count Drako was imprisoned beneath Bludhaven by O.M.A.C. Units and escaped the halls of their illegal prison after the units reverted to the unconscious forms of the people they'd been converted from. [1]

Following his escape, Drako joined Tapeworm in attacking Robin, Ragman, and Blue Devil in an attempt to get the heroes to release Thunderhand while unbeknownst to them Ragman's suit of souls had already passed judgment on their fellow criminal and killed him.[1] After being harmed by Krakatoa, one of his own allies, during the fight he broke off to fight Robin alongside Redback.[2] He and Redback were then captured after another of their allies, Monsoon, flooded the alley they were in trying to drown Robin.[2]


  • Unique Physiology: Drako has pink scaled skin, short horns, barbels, sharp teeth, claws and a tail.



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