Quote1 If you surrender now, I'll spare the women and children. They'll live in dire captivity... But at least they'll live. Quote2
Count de Beaucaire src

During the final stand at the Last Castle, the Adversary's army was being led by Count Aucassin de Beaucaire. The count and Colonel Bearskin had a history, he previously lost to the colonel in a past skirmish.

But de Beaucaire was a man of some honor, and gave the Fables a chance to surrender themselves before his massive army took them all out. He never received a reply. The next morning he launched a full-scale assault on the castle, his army eventually overcoming any who remained behind to defend it.

Unfortunately for him, de Beaucaire never saw his victory fulfilled, being impaled on Britomart's enchanted spear, that she sent out to find him.



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