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"Part Two: The Last Days of The Extremists": Narrated by Gorgon, he recalls how he (as Dr. Mortimer) was turn into his present state following his accident with his experiment in Experiment House, and his secret love for his laboratory assistant Susan.

Quote1.png You can have my answer now, Monarch, if you'd like. No. And if that isn't clear enough for you, I'll write it in your own blood! Quote2.png
Lord Havok, in response to Monarch's offer.

Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists #2 is an issue of the series Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2008. It was published on November 28, 2007.

Synopsis for "Part Two: The Last Days of The Extremists"

Narrated by Gorgon, he recalls how he (as Dr. Mortimer) was turn into his present state following his accident with his experiment in Experiment House, and his secret love for his laboratory assistant Susan.

In the present, Gorgon has been writing a diary of the events that has been transpiring and his growing fear of how long The Extremists will survive in their war against the Meta Militia. In Slovekia, the Extremists have gathered in the nation's palace. Doctor Diehard is none too pleased of Lord Havok's takeover of Slovekia for causing an international crisis and the likeliness of Americommando declaring war on the Extremists. He also voiced his concern of Lord Havok's growing ego. Havok, however, is none too concern with Diehard's "opinions" and watches outside as the Challengers from Beyond and along with the Jokester battles Havok's Havokoids.

In a flashback of Gorgon's life; his experiment with turning organism to develop a fearsome secondary form, along with a new personality to make it attack, when threaten was a success for him and his superiors, who have wanted to creating an army of "super-freaks". At this point he is introduce to Dr. Leonard Grant, also known as Wandjina, and is immensely jealous of him while noting of how Wandjina is close to Susan.

Gorgon, Dr. Diehard and Tracer have subdued the Challengers, who they believe that the Challengers are new Meta Militia members. The three are then met by Barracuda, who having went undercover as a Meta Militia agent, explains to them that the Challengers are not part of the Militia as he have been spying on the Militia for a long length of time and does not know of them, and reasons that Americommando has of yet sent any of his forces to invade Slovekia due to requesting the International Council for permission.

In his home, Mortimer is looking over a book on mythologies that was given to him by Susan and discovered two opera tickets inside the book. He is confused as he never recalled of having attended to the opera with Susan. As Mortimer pondered, he then receive a phone-call from Susan who calls him that she is spending time in an experiment with "Lenny" (Wandjina) and have to cancel her dinner with him. After having hearing that call, Mortimer bares a wrathful look.

Barracuda is killed by Jason Todd, who have decided to join Monarch's Army, and the Extremists have recently learn that the Challengers are not of their world and are offer by Monarch to join his quest for domination of the Multiverse. The Extremists are awaiting Havok's answer to Monarch.

Mortimer discovers a dead Susan with a broken neck in their home. As Mortimer mourns over Susan, he then heavily assumes that Wandjina was the reason for Susan's death as he starts to mutate into what he is.

Havok questions Monarch of why he and the Extremists are chosen in his army despite the fact that Monarch doesn't has, in his words, a "shortage of allies." Monarch explains to Havok that he and himself are similar in their goals of "remaking" worlds and believes that Havok is the perfect candidate as his "top lieutenant."

A changed and enraged Mortimer attacks the Experiment House, killing many soldiers and demanding Wandjina. Gorgon's violence is then stop by a cloaked figure who explains to him that Wandjina is not at fault for Susan's death, given that he is a homosexual, and that Mortimer was responsible for Susan's death. It is revealed that Mortimer has been suffering from multiple personality disorder due to his accidental lab experiment which was explained for not remembering his events with Susan, such as taking her to the opera and that he have murdered her in a fit of rage. The figure comfort a deeply distraught Mortimer, stating to him that he will help him, and directing his anger at "Gorgon".

After hearing Monarch's offer, Havok flatly declines and prepares to battle Monarch.

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  • The events of this issue take place around Countdown #29-27.


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