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"Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists - Part Four: Losing my Religion": Americommando have allowed the Meta Militia to invade Slovekia, which are lead by Wandjina. However, Slovekia's capital city

Quote1.png I only did what you told me to do, Blue Jay. I made a change. Quote2.png
Americommando, to Blue Jay

Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists #4 is an issue of the series Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2008.

Synopsis for "Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists - Part Four: Losing my Religion"

Americommando have allowed the Meta Militia to invade Slovekia, which are lead by Wandjina. However, Slovekia's capital city, Krakin, is protected by a impenetrable force field as waves upon waves of Havokoids emerge from the field and battle the Meta Militia. From the White Tower, Americommando makes a recorded video speech of the invasion but is ruined by Bowman. In an argument with Bowman, Americommando is then criticized by his superiors via visual monitor of his role as president. The argument between Americommando and his superiors reveals that his succession as president was setup from the very beginning and suggest that he doesn't have the actual power over his government. Much later, Americommando is in a drunken stupor who confesses to Blue Jay of the abusive ways he committed was only a way of coping the troubles he went through. Blue Jay tries to convince Americommando of making important changes to his presidency and wants to be honest to the public, stop the arrests and the concentration camps. After listening to him, Americommando seems to accept Blue Jay's advice.

In Krakin, the Extremists, along with a badly wounded and comatose Tracer, are confined in the city's palace as they observe the Meta Militia trying to fight their way into the capital. Dr. Diehard expresses his displeasure of being only confine in the palace rather than fighting the Militia while Lord Havok is continuously absent and working inside a room.

In a flashback of Dreamslayer's life, in New Alcatraz Prison, Louise Marino talks to her imprisoned brother, Louis, who was interned for having swindling a large amount of money from his sister's church. Louis claims to Louise that he is now a reformed man by converting to religion; namely to The Church of Dreamology.

In the present, Gorgon tries to reason with Diehard of his issues with Havok. Diehard argues back that Havok have been lately "erratic" and that he is strangely doing nothing to prevent the invasion of the Meta Militia. This silently convinces Gorgon and Dreamslayer to comply with Diehard to consider going against Havok. Dreamslayer then enters into Tracer's room and passionately comforts the comatose Tracer.

Louise is introduce to the Church of Dreamology and its followers' devotion to the demonic entity known as Dreamslayer. After leaving the religion's service, Louise express her disappointment to Louis of straying to a cult that would likely damned him to hell. Louis angrily defends his religion but only to sadden his sister. After Louise left, Louis is then contact by Dreamslayer himself who wants his "help".

At the White Tower, Americommando negotiates with an individual after having allowed him to destroy certain points of interests and substantially agrees with the individual into forming an alliance between them into ridding the Extremists. This individual is none other than Monarch. A distressful Blue Jay enters Americommando's office and is shocked of what he had done, in which Americommando reply that he did follow his vice president's advice to "[making] a change". It is reveal that Americommando have allowed Monarch into destroying key locations of interests to the Extremists (Experiment House, the Temple of Dreamology, and the Academy for Advanced Children), and framing the Extremists being responsible for the attacks and thereby convincing the International Council to strongly support the United States of Angor in their invasion of Slovekia.

The Extremists have watched the news of the attacks, in which Diehard is greatly enrage of the destruction of his academy and the deaths of his Zen Men and wife. Diehard confronts Havok and blames him for the deaths. Havok apathetically apologize for Diehard's loss, but deems it necessary. This only makes Diehard more incensed and attempt to attack Havok but is subdue by Havok's plastic laser. Havok then "excuse" Diehard's attempt on his life, but swears that he will kill him if he tries that again.

Louis is possessed by Dreamslayer while in a congregation with his followers. However, once the cult's leader ask Dreamslayer of his "next order of business", in which the demon kills him and declares in ridding his "fool(ish)" followers. Just as Dreamslayer kills his followers, Havok reverts Dreamslayer back into Louis with a magic spell. Havok beckons to Louis that Dreamslayer was only briefly driven away from his body and that he must find another host for the demon.

It is then narrate by Dreamslayer to Tracer that the next host was Louise, as she is a person with a strong will and moral attitude that enable to control the demon. Knowing from the beginning that Louis was willing to "screw up", Louise vouched for her brother, and condemned herself into being possess by Dreamslayer. However, despite being disappointed by everyone close to her, Tracer was the only person who cares and loves her. Louise somberly tells Tracer that with the destruction of her church and the loss of her followers along with their belief that kept Dreamslayer at bay, she fears that she can't control the demon any time soon.

Appearing in "Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists - Part Four: Losing my Religion"

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  • Havokoids


  • Lord Havok's incantation spell of removing Dreamslayer from Louis is "backwards speech" to effect magic (in a manner similar to the Zatara family).


  • In relating the Church of Dreamology to the actual Church of Scientology, Louis mentions of Dreamology as a fast growing religion with prominent celebrities and businessmen as its worshipers is akin to the real life, recognizable star celebrities who practiced Scientology; the most prominent being Tom Cruise.

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