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"Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists - The Conclusion": In a flashback of Lord Havok's life: He was born as Alexi Nikolai to Russia's Czar Nikolai III and was shunned by him for his deformity. Nikolai attempts to kill his son by throwing him into a lit

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Lord Havok

Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists #6 is an issue of the series Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2008.

Synopsis for "Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists - The Conclusion"

In a flashback of Lord Havok's life: He was born as Alexi Nikolai to Russia's Czar Nikolai III and was shunned by him for his deformity. Nikolai attempts to kill his son by throwing him into a lit fireplace but is stopped by his wife who still loves her son.

Lord Havok sits in a sealed room and looking at the picture of the young prince of Slovekia that he killed while the Extremists and Havokoids ferociously fights the Meta Militia and Monarch's followers outside.

Alexi has grown to a genius child for his young age in which he develops robots and prosthetic for his body, impressing his mother. His father however disapproves of his son's inventions as the "works of the devil," in which he destroys one of the robots and beat his son before being protected by his mother. In her words she sworn to Alexi that he must be locate somewhere safe from his father.

Blue Jay finally arrives in the battle and helps the Extremists, as he slices and blast his way against the Militia. But he is caught in the hand of Americommando. However, Tracer attacks Americommando from behind and Dreamslayer vigorously killing their opponents. Suddenly a powerful light stuns the Extremists.

Years later, Alexi has grown up and attends college in the United States of Angor, in which he has create a malleable liquid-metal skin that he could control with his mind. When his colleagues Butch and Robert bicker with Alexi over turning his work and efforts for the Angorian government, which Alexi is not interested. When Butch touches the liquid metal, the the substance cover his face and start to suffocate. Alexi nonchalantly ignores Robert's insistence in helping Butch, and is then urgently contact by his family butler, Yuri, and learning that his father has killed his mother after discovering her spending financial aid to their son.

Monarch has successfully defeat the Extremists, but notice that Lord Havok is absent. The Meta Milita then breaks open into Havok's room in which Monarch and Americommando are surprise to seeing Havok sitting in a completely blank and empty room. Just as the Militia and Monarch enters the room, Havok tells them that he built a power-negation chamber as completely part of his master plan ever since Monarch first appeared in which he easily kills Herr Superman. With the chamber design only for his enemies, Havok and the newly freed Extremists trapped their enemies in the room as they begin to slaughter them.

In Russia, Alexi and his father attend the grave of Alexi's mother. Nikolai states to his son that he only came to escort him out of Russia and swears that he will kill him if he tries to refuse. Alexi assures to him that he and his "Mother Russia" will never see him again and then shows Nikolai of his transformed state into his identity as Lord Havok as he tells his father that if the death of his mother never happen he wouldn't driven himself to regain back his heritage. Alexi then kills his shocked father. Afterward Alexi announces to the Russian people that they are given 24 hours to evacuate the country before massive devices of his own invention will eradicate Russia.

With many of the Meta Militia and Monarch's followers dead, a depowered Wandjina pleads with Gorgon in sparing his life but is consume by him. Blue Jay subdues a heavily beaten Americommando and promise to the Extremists that Americommando will be facing a trial for crimes against humanity, in which Havok believes in his words. Havok, in a surprising twist, reveals to the Extremists that he have finally agrees to allying with Monarch.

In a monologue by Lord Havok, he admits that he may be callous in lying to his comrades and killing Doctor Diehard, but the ultimate goal of his plan was worth the effort: stealing a portion of Monarch's quantum power and the knowledge of the Multiverse. After Monarch's apparent death at the hands of Superman Prime in Earth-51, Havok transports himself and the Extremists back to their reality by using a portion of Monarch's power before the destruction of Earth-51. Having arrived in Havok's secret base on Angor's moon, the Extremists begins planning anew in Havok's latest plan: the conquest of the Multiverse.

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