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"Another Fine Mess": The Trickster and the Pied Piper are free falling from an airplane at 32,000 feet. The two are bound by electrified shackles and cannot separate by more than a few feet or else they will both suffer an electr

Quote1.png Who knew wearing your costume under your clothes was so uncomfortable... ? Secret identities are such a pain. Quote2.png
Jimmy Olsen

Countdown #41 is an issue of the series Countdown (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2007.

Synopsis for "Another Fine Mess"

The Trickster and the Pied Piper are free falling from an airplane at 32,000 feet. The two are bound by electrified shackles and cannot separate by more than a few feet or else they will both suffer an electric shock. Fortunately, Piper managed to snatch a duffel bag containing all of their equipment before their hasty escape from the airplane. Trickster grabs his flying boots and gives one to Piper. The boots help to slow their descent, but they still plummet into the water off Gotham Harbor.

Back at his apartment, Jimmy Olsen designs a new costume for himself. He preens in front of the mirror and decides to call himself Mr. Action. He then pulls his civilian clothes overtop of his costume and goes to work. Clark asks him if he feels a bit warm wearing so much extra clothing, but Jimmy tells him that he is trying to look more professional.

In Gotham City, Mary Marvel sits atop the roof of a building and contemplates her new powers. She notices how her personality has become darker and more aggressive and she wonders if perhaps the Riddler was right, and she should seek a mentor. From a distance, someone else monitors Mary Marvel's plight.

Meanwhile, the Atom, Jason Todd, Donna Troy and the Monitor travel through the Palmerverse. Jason takes to referring to the Monitor as Bob. As a portal opens before them, they finds themselves in a jungle surrounded by ape-like creatures riding astride giant frogs.

Back in Gotham City, the Trickster and the Pied Piper crawl out of the harbor and begin looking for a place to stay. They pass a billboard for the Penguin's Iceberg Lounge.

In Metropolis, a crowd of protesters gathers around the front gates of the Athenian Women's Shelter. They believe that the occupants of the shelter are connected to the recent Amazonian attack on Washington, D.C. Harley goes outside in an effort to settle matters, but Holly holds her back.

At the Fortress of Solitude, Karate Kid attempts to return to his normal timeline with the rest of the Legion. Sensor Girl tells him that Brainiac 5 needs for him to remain behind. From the time portal, Una, one of the three replicated forms of Triplicate Girl emerges.

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Synopsis for "History of the Multiverse (Part IX of XII)"

The Monitors review events that took place following the "Infinite Crisis". Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were out of action for nearly a year, leaving the job of protecting the world in the hands of other heroes such as Booster Gold and the Question. Black Adam offered an alternate view of how to be a hero and begat the Black Marvel Family. Adam Strange, Animal Man and Starfire were lost in outer space, while back on Earth, Ralph Dibny continued to come to grips with the death of his wife Sue. New heroes emerged such as Batwoman and Supernova, while others lost their lives, including Vic Sage - the Question. The Red Tornado, having suffered massive damage continued to utter a single word: "52". The meaning became clear as it was learned that the Multiverse had been recreated, spawning exactly fifty-two worlds.

Appearing in "History of the Multiverse (Part IX of XII)"

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  • This issue shipped on July 18th, 2007.
  • "Another Fine Mess" is reprinted in Countdown to Final Crisis Vol. 1.
    • The Monitor that has been accompanying Jason Todd and Donna Troy is referred to as "Bob" for the first time in this story.


  • The Athenian Women's Shelter is mistakenly located in Gotham City in this issue, whereas other issues place its location in Metropolis.
  • This issue erroneously implies that the "Lighting Saga" and "Amazons Attack" are happening at the same time, which is improbable because both stories have the same characters involved.

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