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Kortni Duginovna (born Courtney Whitmore) is the defected Soviet heroine Stargirl.

Varvara Dugina, a young Russian girl, had an affair with English aristocrat Samual Whitmore. It was frowned upon, and after Varvara gave birth to their daughter, Courtney, the two were forced apart. Varvara fled to Siberia, where she met and married scientist Ipati Dugin. They raised "Kortni" as their own, and told Kortni her real father had died. It all changed when one night, a meteor crashed nearby. Ipati and Varvara found the Kryptonian Kara, and raised her alongside Kortni. The two sisters became best of friends.

Year One (1940)

In their teens, Kortni and Kara traveled to Moscow to join the legendary Night Witches, an all-female fighter squadron. At their first training, Kara was forced to show her powers to save Kortni. It brought them to the attention of General Arkayn, who made them the socialist people's heroes, Stargirl and Supergirl. Kortni was given a Cosmic Staff that allowed her to fly.

Their first mission was against a German camp - or so they were told. They discovered it was a political prison, with enemies of Arkayn. They fled in dismay, but discovered Arkayn held their parents hostage. They escaped with their mother; Ipati was captured. They fled the Soviet Union, and met Aquawoman, who brought them to the United Kingdom. There, Varvara told Kortni about her father, and she set out to meet him.

Unfortunately, her father becomes immediately desperate to never lose his daughter again and ends up locking her in the house as the Battle of Britain is about to begin. She is able to escape in time to join the Allied forces.

At the conclusion of the battle, Brother Night turns into the Titan. The Bombshells all believe that the way to destroy his power is to have a noble volunteer sacrifice their life. At first Supergirl volunteers but at the last minute Stargirl knocks her sister back and flies off before anyone can stop her. Stargirl sacrifices herself to destroy the Titan and save Britain.




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