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Stargirl was a heroine working with the Watchtower Network.

Courtney Whitmore grew up in Blue Valley. At some point, her mother married Pat Dugan. When Courtney was 15-years-old, she discovered the former equipment of Sylvester Pemberton, among her stepfather's belongings and learned of his secret past.[1]

Seeing an opportunity to annoy her stepfather, Courtney fashioned herself a costume and began fighting crime with Pemberton's old equipment. Pemberton soon learned of her activities, but rather than discouraging her, took her under his wing.[1] After he was killed by the Icicle, Courtney was taken in by two other former superheroes: Carter Hall and Kent Nelson. Together they set out to bring the Icicle to justice and teamed up with another team of heroes, to bring him down.[2] Afterwards, Courtney had her heart set on joining a reformed version of the Justice Society of American, but this never came to be.[1] Instead, she, alongside Hall, joined the Watchtower Network.[3] She stayed with the organization after Hall's death, but were later sent, alongside other teen superheroes in the organization, to San Francisco, to be trained under Jay Garrick. This eventually lead to the formation of the "Teen Titans", which Courtney joined.[4]


  • Courtney Whitmore was born 1994.[2]



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