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Quote1 Eclipso was right about there being darkness in everyone, you know. Sometimes we feel anger or jealousy or hatred. Even if we don't want to. But the thing Eclipso did not understand is that there's good in everyone too. Every single one of us. In the end, all Eclipso did was make me believe in people even more. Quote2
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Courtney Whitmore is a fifteen-year-old high-school student who carried on the legacy of Starman, as Stargirl. She later becomes the leader of the rejuvenated Justice Society of America.

Early life

Courtney was born in Los Angeles and raised by her mother Barbara. Her father, Sam Kurtis, was never in her life. He visited for Christmas for the first five years of her life then never showed up again. Her mother moved on, marrying mechanic Pat Dugan when Courtney was around fifteen. Still romanticizing her mysterious father, she did not like this new man much. And when the family was uprooted to move to Blue Valley, that was even worse. She had to leave her school, her best friend Mary, and the city of Los Angeles behind for some small town in Nebraska.[2]

Finding the Cosmic Staff

When Courtney finally moved to Blue Valley and began settling in, she accidentally discovered the truth behind her step-father, learning that he was the Starman's sidekick and a close ally of the JSA. In addition, she found the latent Cosmic Staff and unknowingly reactivated it. She began experimenting with the staff and learned that it has a mind of its own, dragging her along and forcing her to get control over it. She accidentally blew up Henry's car and travelled across the town riding the staff. However, Henry's father Henry, Sr. learned about her antics and hunted her down, believing that she was a new Starman. She survived his attack and was saved by Pat, who was within a mechanized robot.[2]

Becoming Stargirl

Pat later tried to dissuade Courtney from hunting down Brainwave and the other Injustice Society members in a mission to get revenge for Starman, who she believed was her father. He was unsuccessful as Courtney was later found by Brainwave during Blue Valley High School's Opening Day and told to give the staff to him by midnight or lose her mother to a stroke. Courtney told Pat, who went in her stead to face him. Following a heart-to-heart with her mother, though, Courtney ultimately donned Starman's now-redesigned suit and backed-up Pat. Together, they defeated Brainwave and accidentally sent him into a seizure. She later chooses Pat as her sidekick and comes up with a new name for him and his robot: S.T.R.I.P.E..[3]

Forming the New Justice Society

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