The Coyote Kid was a resident of Tranquility, Oregon.

The Coyote Kid was a man with a love for causing pain wherever he went. He had four constant companions, the Sidewinder Spirits which consisted of the spirits of wind, fire, blood and death. His life consisted mostly of going into towns and shooting up everyone who gave him half a reason, but that all changed when he met Elizabeth. They married immediately and The Coyote Kid put up his guns, abandoned the spirits, and took up a life of farming his land and going to church with his wife and two kids.

This went on for a few years until one night the zombies of all the men he'd killed came into his house and tied him and his family to a fence. They were lead by a man, and under his direction, they took one member of The Coyote Kid's family each night for three nights and ate them. On the third night, when he was all alone and tied to the fence, the Sidewinder Spirits came back to him. They said they'd give him power and life for as long as he kept hate in his heart, and The Coyote Kid agreed, and he'd live for eternity. He broke free of the fence, killed the zombies and buried his family.

He continued to search for The Host who caused his pain, killing any demon, creature or zombie he found along the way. He made Tranquility his home because he had heard that the man who had his family killed, The Host, liked it there, and The Coyote Kid wanted to meet him.

Eventually The Host returned and Coyote Kid, with a specially made holy bullet, tried to kill him. He failed and the Host killed him instead. While the citizens of Tranquility battled The Host, Coyote Kid pleaded with the Sidewinder Spirits for more time and another chance to get revenge. They gave him 15 minutes of life, but that was enough. The Coyote Kid was able to kill The Host and then die himself. Upon his death, the spirits made Coyote one of them, becoming Pain and will ride with them forever.



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