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The textile art of Crazy quilting has been the inspiration of several villains. The first Crazy Quilt was originally a Boy Commandos villain on Earth-Two. After his eyesight was damaged by a gunshot, he underwent an experimental surgery in an attempt to restore his vision. However, the procedure left him with a unique condition that only allowed him to see bright, vivid colors.

In order to operate as a criminal despite his blindness, Crazy Quilt began using a special color helmet that emitted bright rays of colored light. He later became part of Batman's Rogues Gallery and developed a particular hatred of Robin. A second Crazy Quilt, Paul Dekker, fought the Blackhawk Squadron on Earth-One, but faded back into obscurity after one issue.

In New Earth continuity, both versions of Crazy Quilt got merged into a single character. Crazy Quilt was now called Paul Dekker, but otherwise mainly based on the original Earth-Two incarnation instead of the Earth-One version. Since then, the character has been primarily portrayed as a Batman villain. A new, female Crazy Quilt appeared as part of Libra's Society, wearing the costume and helmet of Dekker.

Crazy Quilt was created by Jack Kirby, first appearing in Boy Commandos #15 (1946). Paul Dekker was co-created by Dick Dillin, debuting in Blackhawk #180 (1963). The female Crazy Quilt was created by Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham, first appearing in Villains United #2 (2005).


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