The textile art of Crazy quilting has been the inspiration of several villains. The first Crazy Quilt, of Earth-Two, was created by Jack Kirby as a Boy Commandos villain, debuting in Boy Commandos #15 (1946). This Crazy Quilt later became part of Batman's Rogues gallery. A second Quilt, Paul Dekker of Earth-One (1963), fought the Blackhawk Squadron, but faded back into obscurity after one issue.

Though the current Crazy Quilt is called Paul Dekker, it is a new version of the Earth-Two Crazy Quilt rather than the Earth-One Paul Dekker. This Crazy Quilt was also primarily a Batman villain.

A new, female Crazy Quilt (2005) appeared in Libra's Society, wearing the costume and helmet of Dekker.

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