The Creature Commandos are the byproducts of S.H.A.D.E. Science Division's project.


Initially, there were two generations of the Creature Commandos. The first generation were created by Nina Mazursky, but were incapable of coping with their urges and succumbing to psychopathic tendencies. Instead of having them killed, Mazursky, having been emotionally attached to her creations, had them imprisoned in a microscopic prison designed by Ray Palmer called the Zoo. The second and current generation, however, succeeded the originals by having fully human beings (Mazursky herself included) coping with the transformations to be transformed into super-soldiers that tapped into humanity's irrational fear of the unknown.[1][2] The Commandos consists of Vincent Velcoro, Warren Griffith, Nina Mazursky, and the mummy Khalis.


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