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Quote1 What haunts a man at night rules him by day. Quote2
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The Creeper is a Oni, a malicious Japanese demon who inhabit human hosts to create chaos.

Origin and Imprisonment

Oni spirits enter children who feel like they don't fit in the world; kids who feel like aliens among their own families. During feudal Japan, this Oni possessed a kid named Jakku. Years later, the Oni was imprisoned by a Samurai inside the mystical sword Soultaker, where it fed on his torment and sanity for 30 years. Now calling itself "The Creeper," the Oni began to torture the souls trapped with it in the sword, befriending and betraying them each in turn them, including Mona Shard, a young girl it forced to bash her head against stone for a century, Maseo Yamashiro, a cuckolded husband made to emulate the boulder-rolling task of Sisyphus, and eventually the Samurai himself once he was killed with his own sword.[1]


When Killer Croc destroyed the Soultaker, the Creeper was released along with all the other souls in the United States. According to the demon, the best bodies to "hide" are powerful and weak at the same time. The Creeper then possessed the body of the late reporter Jack Ryder in the docks of San Francisco and made an old Janitor named Gallagher crazy and become an incendiary. Now possessed, Jack Ryder becomes the host of the new TV show Life After Death.[1]

Seeking to prevent the Soultaker's current bearer, Katana, from reforging the sword and imprisoning it once again, the Creeper drove Ryder to Japan. Though it succeeded in killing all those weaponsmiths capable of repairing the Soultaker,[2] the Creeper was forced by the dawn to retreat before doing the same to Katana, and the weapon was restored by the spirit of Yamashiro in the corpse of swordmaker Jin Ozu.[3]

The Creeper was among the inhabitants of Earth recruited into the Sinestro Corps for their ability to inspire fear to resist the planet's invasion by the extraterrestrial Paling.[4] Following the reassertion of some aspects of a prior timeline,[5] the Creeper reverted to an earlier form, an alternate personality within Ryder who exacted vigilante justice.[6]


  • Unique Physiology: The Creeper is an oni, a Japanese demon. As a demon, its birth is unknown but its purpose is clear, it must cause chaos and destruction to any and all it meets.[1]
    • Flight: The Creeper is naturally a ghostly spirit who can soar through the night sky.[1]
    • Mind Control: The Creeper can whisper suggestions into a weak human's mind and force them to commit terrible actions.[1]
    • Possession: The Creeper can possess weak souls to enhance their strengths and feed off of them. It often chooses weak souls to inhabit so it can easily stay rooted to their souls and torment them.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: The Creeper is very strong, throwing fully grown humans around like they were twigs. It was able to swing chains around strong enough to whip up a tornado powerful enough to lift and throw multiple cars.[1]





  • The Creeper is a Japanese demon called an Oni.[1]
    • Oni don't have names, they are given names to reduce their power. The Creeper named itself.[1]



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