The Crime Syndicate is an organization of supervillains from a Parallel Earth. Relative to the main universe, they are evil analogues of the Justice League. The Crime Syndicate consists of six families, led by Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, J'edd J'arkus, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick. Fashioned after a mafia, each family head has their own group of trusted lieutenants called Made Men, employ thousands of criminals, and conduct their enterprises in designated territories. They rule Earth through fear. For years, they ran rampant and did whatever they chose without opposition. On occasion, the Syndicate would turn their powers on the people and remind them of their fragile existence. Routine meetings of the family heads are conducted in the organization's secret lunar base, the Panopticon. The government and other civil authorities do nothing in order to retain the illusion of minimal order. Several of the governments have stockpiles of nuclear warheads, the one thing capable of stopping the Syndicate, but the resulting devastation from their usage would also take innocent lives.

Their only opposition was the Justice League led by Alexander Luthor. However, they were systematically killed off by the Syndicate until only Luthor and the Jester were left. With their only true threat neutralized, the Crime Syndicate could build and use the Quantum Eigenstate Device to blackmail the world's governments into accepting them as rulers of the world. No longer would they have to fear nuclear warfare nor finance $37 billion in bribes to top officials. A five to one vote greenlit its construction under the guise of Project Damocles. In a last ditch effort, Luthor and Jester stole the QED's detonator, the Quantum Trigger, and in the process, Jester and J'edd J'arkus were killed, along with one of J'arkus' Made Men. Owlman took on most of his Made Men and continued on with construction of the QED. After raids conducted by the Justice League, the people of Earth began to no longer fear the Crime Syndicate. However, the President of the United States was still concerned. If their gamble failed, millions of lives would be forfeit.

After Batman defeated Owlman, only Ultraman, Power Ring, and Superwoman were left and they promptly surrendered to a force of Marines led by President Wilson. Upon returning to Earth, Wilson ordered all members of the National Guard to assist local law enforcement in apprehending all criminals associated with the Syndicate.


Equipment: Secret lunar base, the Panopticon
Transportation: Various
Weapons: Various


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  • This the first time the entire Crime Syndicate has appeared outside of comics.

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