The Crime Syndicate was a team of Thunderers of Qward.


Unlike the later Crime Syndicate of Amerika this Crime Syndicate was a villainous team of super-powered thunderers from the Antimatter Universe planet of Qward.[1] They were essentially evil analogs to the heroic Justice League of America, and had attacked the JLA's Earth and its inhabitants on some occasions.


  • This version of Crime Syndicate was indigenous to the antimatter reality where Thunderers were adapted to operate similar to the dead Earth-Three CSA. The Thunderer Crime Syndicate members were all easily identified against the original Earth-Three Crime Syndicate due to their enlarged eyes except for Power Ring who wears a mask over his face thus covering his enlarged eyes. This was a very short-lived substitution, created only to cover gaps in the original JLA chronology, before the debut of the new Crime Syndicate incarnation in JLA: Earth-2. Jeff King's comment regarding Convergence #8 heavily implies this version of the Crime Syndicate still exists.

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