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"First in War, First in Pieces Part 2: Sweet Vengeance": The Legion of Justice (minus Venus and Luthor) have tracked down Johnny Quick and Atomica at Johnny's family farm, where the couple are staying low. The Legion tries to covertly capture the criminal metas, but soon goes awry; their member,

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Quote1.png So you're here to bring me to justice, is that it? You actually believe you're hunters now? That's cute. Quote2.png

Crime Syndicate #5 is an issue of the series Crime Syndicate (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2021. It was published on July 6, 2021.

Synopsis for "First in War, First in Pieces Part 2: Sweet Vengeance"

The Legion of Justice (minus Venus and Luthor) have tracked down Johnny Quick and Atomica at Johnny's family farm, where the couple are staying low. The Legion tries to covertly capture the criminal metas, but soon goes awry; their member, Power Tower, find corpses inside the barn and is left appalled, and prompting her to directly attack Johnny and Atomica. During the battle with the Legion, Johnny tries to explain that those people he killed were his family, and they were not "good people". Emerald Knight manages to capture Johnny in a cage construct. But Atomica causes a distraction by gravelly wounding Savanna by shrinking herself into Savanna's throat and bursting out from there. With the Legion focus on their wounded teammate, Johnny phase through Stewart's cage and attempt to run with Atomica. However, Stewart quickly engulfs Johnny in emerald flames. Johnny is dead.

The next morning, Superwoman, Owlman, and Ultraman arrive to Johnny's residence to investigate what had occurred. They are too late to recruit Johnny Quick and the Emerald Knight to their cause. They now realize how important it is to need more metahumans to join them and keeping them under heel, or else they will wind up dead like Johnny. Owlman is curious of what began Johnny Quick's killing spree, and he may have found it in Johnny's deceased relatives. He makes a DNA analysis with Johnny's brothers and learns that Johnny wasn't born a meta, but was completely human. Ultraman then makes a callous remark about Johnny before he is suddenly slapped in the face by an unshrunk Atomica. She lambasted the three for not being present to save Johnny from the Legion before she demands Owlman for a plan. Owlman simply reply that he does.

On the Legion's satellite, Savanna is taken to medical attention and Johnny Quick is taken to the morgue, while Luthor express his dismay and frustration over the battle with Johnny and Atomica. Luthor clash with Lonar over treating the Legion's members as soldiers, since not all of them cannot cope with the trauma and deaths like Power Tower, and arguing that the Legion's purpose is to protect people, both good and bad. He also criticizes Stewart for killing Johnny and decide to put him off from active duty for now. Unbeknownst to Luthor, Owlman's nanobots were left on his person since his encounter with Thomas Wayne in Metropolis, and they have hacked into the satellite's computers. Without warning, the satellite's systems are shut down.

Ultraman, Superwoman, Atomica, and Owlman cause a massive breach to the satellite's hull. Emerald Knight and Power Tower manage to seal the breach and saving the satellite's personnel. The other Legion members due battle with the super-villains. Superwoman engages Sinestro in outer space. Ultraman takes on Lonar and bringing their brawl to the surface of the moon until Lonar is forced to retreat via Boom Tube. Atomica wounds Power Tower by cranking up her mass and smashing into her chest before disobeying Owlman's orders to retrieve Johnny's corpse. Owlman face against and subdue his enemies Venus and Red Hood. Luthor is left facing alone against Owlman, who tells him that he have now access to everything on the satellite. Ultraman returns to the scene and prepares to deliver a fatal punch to Luthor. But suddenly, his fist is caught in the hand of Luthor's secretary who turns out to be Ultraman's cousin, Kara.

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Synopsis for "The Quick and the Dead"

Johnny Chambers grew up in an abusive household where his father raises fighting dogs. When Johnny refused to be toughen by his father to abuse the dogs, he tried to release the dogs but ends up being badly beaten up by his father. One night during a thunderstorm, Johnny attempt to kill his father and brothers by burning the whole farm down. But lightning struck the drums of chemicals and Johnny, giving the young boy superhuman speed. He was initially frighten of what happened to him before he accidentally killed his father with his powers and fleeing his home while letting the dogs escaped as well. Since then, Johnny has been running for his entire life.

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