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"First in War, First in Pieces Finale: Every Little Thing": The Legion of Justice, Owlman, and Atomica (who is bringing along Johnny Quick's coffin) evacuates from the Legion's satellite headquarters as Ultraman and Ultragirl takes their fight from orbit to Metropolis. Ultraman is weakening due

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Quote1.png Alexander Luthor was a dumbass. He promised that if you joined him, you could make the world a better place... but now you metas are gonna work for us. Quote2.png

Crime Syndicate #6 is an issue of the series Crime Syndicate (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2021. It was published on August 3, 2021.

Synopsis for "First in War, First in Pieces Finale: Every Little Thing"

The Legion of Justice, Owlman, and Atomica (who is bringing along Johnny Quick's coffin) evacuates from the Legion's satellite headquarters as Ultraman and Ultragirl takes their fight from orbit to Metropolis. Ultraman is weakening due to his body crashing from his "Kryptonite high".

Meanwhile, the Emerald Knight, Sinestro, and Superwoman land on the shores of Demon's Island. Superwoman's warrior sisters surround Stewart and Sinestro. Donna commands her Amazons to hold from attacking Stewart, as to kill him will incur the wrath of the Overlords of Oa, and that she wants to convince Stewart to abandon the Legion and join her and her mutual allies. She tells Stewart that he is not meant to follow orders, especially from his sentient ring, and to embrace his warrior spirit while promising the benefits of keeping the world and his daughter Liza safe. But Stewart doesn't take too well from Superwoman mentioning about her daughter, prompting him to unleash his ring's power on the Amazons.

The battle in Metropolis continues as Ultragirl has the advantage over her cousin. She berate Ultraman for being an embarrassment after secretly watching all the horrible things he had done for decades that is no different from watching Krypton's downfall. So she believes Earth needs a true savior from her. Ultraman then suddenly refuses to continue to fight Kara, as he is content to know that there is another Kryptonian that he can relate to, and want to protect her from the likes of Superwoman and Owlman by offering her the chance to join him instead.

Back on Demon's Island, Stewart's ring goes out of control and forcing Sinestro to battle Stewart. Superwoman, following Sinestro's instruction while Stewart is focus on the Legionary, uses her lasso to rip off Stewart's ring and his finger along with it. With the ring disposed, Sinestro express his hope that he will make Stewart rehabilitated without the ring's influence. Stewart returns Sinestro's favor by summoning his ring to fatally wound Sinestro. With the ring's influence and its voice gone, Stewart's mind is filled with clarity and allowing him to assert control of his ring, and to make his own choice to change the world on his own terms by joining Superwoman.

Superwoman and the Emerald Knight travel to Metropolis and join in to subdue Ultragirl. However, Ultragirl is too strong for them until she suddenly dies from a brain hemorrhage caused by Atomica. Ultraman is left devastated by the loss of his only kin and he blames Luthor for Kara's death.

One week later...

Stewart returns to Coast City and tries to make amends with his daughter, assuring her that he is in control of his ring and that they can be together again. But Liza acidly rejects her father as long he still carries the ring.

In Gotham, what is left of the Legion of Justice retreat to the shadows and join forces with The Jester. Owlman's butler informs his master that he had the Talons maintaining the city in his absence and are ready to follow his next command. Owlman declares that their sight are set on the bigger stage, specifically on his metahuman team, the Syndicate, who will deliver the nothing that Owlman craves for.

Somewhere in space, Sinestro's yellow power ring is found in the possession of a three-eye alien. On Oa, the Overlords of Oa are displeased of John Stewart's newfound independence.

On the Legion's satellite that is now taken over by the Syndicate, Ultraman puts Ultragirl's corpse in suspended animation before finding new longing with Superwoman, who promise that she won't leave him.

Atomica buries Johnny Quick underneath a fountain where she first met him.

Much later, the Syndicate publicly declares to the world that they are under their watch and threatening the entire metahuman population to work for them or suffer the consequences. While an ominous force on the surface, the Syndicate themselves are anything but cohesive. Each member are distrustful to one another and still haven't forgotten their grudges. Ultraman is upset about Atomica's role in his cousin's death; Atomica hold Stewart accountable for Johnny's death; and Stewart criticizes Ultraman's withdrawal weakness to Kryptonite, and is more concerned about Owlman's duplicity.

Meanwhile, a newspaper vendor and a customer complains about how everything has changed with the Syndicate claiming to be in charge of Earth. Their complaints are quickly silenced by Ultraman's heat vision.

Appearing in "First in War, First in Pieces Finale: Every Little Thing"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Legion of Justice
    • The Jester (First appearance as Jester) (Joins team) (Cameo)
    • Lex Luthor
    • Power Tower (Divina) (Cameo)
    • Red Hood (Harleen Quinzel) (Cameo)
    • Savanna (Cameo)
    • Sinestro
    • Venus (Cameo)
  • LexCorp (Destroyed)
    • Ultragirl (Dies)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "My Pleasure is Your Pain"

Atomica tells an imprisoned and bedridden Alexander Luthor (who was tortured by Ultraman) of how she first met Johnny Quick. She was found by Johnny Quick during a moment of weakness and together they brutally dealt on her tormentors. Convinced by Johnny that powers are the ultimate high, Atomica started to get some of her own in order to become, in her words, a living goddess. She and Johnny broke into the biotech Choi Technologies and took a formula, giving her the ability to shrink and control her mass. Atomica took pleasure in her new powers after Johnny told her how to creatively used them, and she swore that she and Johnny would burn Central City down together, or die together.

With Johnny dead, Atomica lays his death on Luthor and prepares to make him her new "plaything" until the last few days of his natural life.

Appearing in "My Pleasure is Your Pain"

Featured Characters:

  • Atomica (Flashback and main story) (Origin)

Supporting Characters:


  • Alexander Luthor (Apparent Death)
  • Ultraman (Mentioned only)



  • As Ultragirl mentions her and Ultraman being members of the House of El, it is implied that Ultraman's real name is now Kal-El instead of Kal-Il like in the previous Post-Flashpoint continuity.

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