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The Crime Syndicate of Amerika is a villainous team of super-powered beings from the Antimatter Universe version of Earth.[1] They are essentially evil analogs to the heroic Justice League of America, and have repeatedly attacked the JLA's Earth and its inhabitants on several occasions.


The Crime Syndicate's motto is "Cui Bono?" ("Who profits?"). The only universally respected principle on their world that is obeyed by the general populace is that of the "favor bank"—if any person should grant a favor for someone else, that person is entitled to compensation whenever they see fit, no matter what the cost or hardship to the latter. Failure to pay back a favor results in inordinately harsh consequences. For example, a mobster, Jackson "Rat-Eyes" Drake, who has failed to follow up on a favor owed was put on "trial" by Owlman, who then had him incinerated by Ultraman as a favor.[2]

Shortly after this event, Krona destroyed the Antimatter Universe[3] which was reformed by unknown forces with several differences.[4]

Other criminal organizations on the Crime Syndicate's Earth include the Crime Lodge which is a reverse version of the older (Justice Society) and Young Offenders (Teen Titans).

Also in line with the reverse attitude of basically "evil" being the norm, the Crime Syndicate is opposed by the heroic Alexander Luthor and the heroic H.I.V.E. (Hierarchy for International Virtuous Empowerment), the Metal Marauders, and the Justice Underground which Luthor is currently leader of.

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The Crime Syndicate of Amerika returns to attack Earth once again.

The Antimatter Earth was attacked by the Weaponers of Qward whom they unleashed the Void Hound, a planet-wrecking battlecraft housing a vast and insane electronic mind. The Crime Syndicate of Amerika was able to manipulate the JLA into aiding them to destroy the battlecraft completely, but the Antimatter Earth suffered severe damages with millions of the populace killed and wide rifts in the planet surface crust revealing raw magma. The Crime Syndicate enforced open and complete control of their source Earth rather than the indirect control they allowed before.[5]

In order to replenish and rebuild their own source Earth's losses, the Crime Syndicate members mounted a mass abduction of people from throughout the individual 52 universes in the current positive matter Multiverse to use as slave labor.[6] The Crime Syndicate was ultimately defeated and imprisoned by the Justice League and their slaves freed. However, without the tyranny of the Crime Syndicate, the Antimatter Earth consequently fell into chaos.[7]

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